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Porte Bonheur by Ilarialip
Porte Bonheurby Ilaria
Mentre li stiamo osservando una delle creature allunga uno dei suoi arti, tanto da raggiungermi e afferrarmi per la caviglia slogata; il dolore è immediato come se mi av...
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"The End...?" Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao Long Part III by Jack-DD
"The End...?" Male (Dante) Jack-DD
The end? All things come to an end, especially this story. This will be the final chapter of Dante's life. Or was it (Y/N)'s life? Find out as we go directly to Hell. In...
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Out of Bounds (formerly SF) by chlochlobear
Out of Bounds (formerly SF)by chlochlobear
Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't? Try hard to fight for feelings, but you just couldn't? You fall deeper with each passing day but try to hide it i...
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Save Me - Por ti by Melody_Henriquez
Save Me - Por tiby Sunseveen
-¿Sam Thompson?- no sabia si voltear o no , pensaba que ella estaría allí para decirme que no me vaya pero.. . . - ¿SI ?- conteste desganado, no se escuchaba nada de do...
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A heart of gore laid to rest [Male Warframe Reader x Fem Chroma] by NuclearAvenger0
A heart of gore laid to rest [ Nuclear Avenger
Raised by the Queen of Blood, a Prince of Gore lives on edge, until he meets a significant other who takes his worries away.
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Winning the heart of the Tigers (Editing) by HeyDenisse
Winning the heart of the Tigers ( Den
This is the story of Fortuna siblings who both fell in love with the person that they least expect. Find out how Jeric and Frances fall in love with these persons.
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Perfekcja by _WhiteFenix_
Perfekcjaby _WhiteFenix_
Los dał mi szczęście. Szkoda, że nie należało ono do mnie. ONESHOT
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NOT OK | fakegram  by nikosfortuna
NOT OK | fakegram by ꪶⅈꪶꪶⅈ
❝i'm not ok❞ in which lilli calls her ex while being drunk and they start to rediscover their feelings applications: open ©nikosfortuna 2019
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Guess Who? by -TheLuckGoddess-
Guess Who?by Tyche
It's a book where I give hints about my admin and you have to guess who my admin is. There is going to be a chapter that is dedicated to the people that have already gu...
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3. Las galletas de la fortuna. by sofiamirpav
3. Las galletas de la Sofia Miranda
Un chico va a un restaurante Chino, en el cual lee su fortuna en una galleta, y esta decía algo extraño.
Amnesia . by Dinsy714
Amnesia .by Dinsy_001
hola que tal mi nombre Jeong-Ji 정지 bueno eso es lo que me dijeron mis padres y se preguntaran porque dudo de mi nombre pues verán a veces pienso que mejor viera muerto y...
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Fortuna And Alana by AraisLee
Fortuna And Alanaby Arais Lee
If you were to fall into the ocean just before the sun was completely submerged you'd fall into another world. And if by some magic you managed to fall into a certain ca...
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¿quien soy? by BetsirethLugoRuda
¿quien soy?by sarai lr
No sé cómo me llamo, no sé cuándo nací, no sé nada de mi familia, no sé nada de mi pasado y no es por qué no quiera es por qué no lo recuerdo, pero lo único que sé es qu...
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magcon addicted by vitty_savi
magcon addictedby vitty_savi
due ragazze avranno la fortuna di incontrare i propri idoli
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Fortuna by HayesLee
Fortunaby Hayes Lee
I sat up on my bed and stared out the glass. The sky was a light tint of purple and I could tell that we were at least four stories up because I could see the roofs of a...
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Soy la persona correcta en el momento equivocado...
  by LolaSan28
Soy la persona correcta en el lola
Tener o esperar a alguien nunca es bueno... Cuando crees que alguien e el indicado y aparece otra persona y de repente piensas que ahora esta nueva persona es el indicad...
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Just a Dream by andymarie_26
Just a Dreamby Maria
"what's the soul craves, the dream reveals..." -Beatrice of Fourth me: weeeeeeeh?? hahahahaha! (A/N: This is not a story nor one-shot.)
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What was missing (Lectora/A matter of life and death) by Dayanna181
What was missing (Lectora/A Dayanna Saheiji
Hay partes en la gran fortaleza que los mismos dioses desconocen que incluso con millones de años son descubiertos mucho mas tarde de su creación, ninguno de los dioses...
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Una Gota en la Soledad by OSODUENDEFANTASMA
Una Gota en la Soledadby OSODUENDEFANTASMA
Esta es la historia donde relatamos la triste vida de nuestro protagonista y como poco a poco intenta encontrar al amor de su vida en la soledad
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