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Eminence by Kcrescent_V
Eminenceby Kcrescent_V
The two best friends, One too dumb to survive on his own and the other soo sharp that it makes it hard for others to survive. Rain's mom is worried about her son's depe...
You are my faith by Ming_782
You are my faithby Ming_X9
Hello everyone my another Fort peat FF.Please vote like and comment.
He's My Wife by ang3l_n_d3vil
He's My Wifeby Angel
They are going to pay for taking his wife from him.
Our Heart (Rewritten) by PperryBoNoh
Our Heart (Rewritten)by P’Perry’s BoNoh FFs
Boss loses his girlfriend in a terrible accident and her family decides to donate her heart to a person in need. A year later, Boss meets a transferee named Noeul and it...
You are my faith (S2) by Ming_782
You are my faith (S2)by Ming_X9
Hello everyone! so this the second Chapter of " You are my faith" so if get confused so please first read the First one then this One.
So You Like Me Too (FortPeat AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
So You Like Me Too (FortPeat AU)by Rain
COMPLETED Since a long time ago Peat has been secretly in love with Fort, Fort wasn't aware of this. After Fort meets Peat later, he falls in love with the Peat and star...
Wingless by AnastasiiaKurganova
Winglessby Lovewriting
Sky is a nineteen year old boy with a problem. His wings. Giant purple wings that make his life miserable. He hates them. However, when Prapai walks into Sky's life, so...
CRAZY LOVE | PRAPAISKY by bl_world_2218
Prapai the gangster of underground world named Phoenix what will happen when he fall in love at first sight with the boy who saved him from one of his rival gang What w...
Error Safety Zone  by ComfortZone_area
Error Safety Zone by Comfort Zone
I couldn't help it so I threw it all out I erased all of my emotions But I couldn't erase you Because my heart was too sad I just need to live like this, I just need to...
Darkness Rises by CharlieBug1
Darkness Risesby Charlie Bug
Bible and Build have been together since their College days and they finally get married and have kids Phayu and Prapai. Later on Phayu and Prapai get boyfriends of thei...
-Hunter- by Umaipeace
-Hunter-by -BlueBunny-
Let's started the game...
When Scenery Becomes a Memory by girlinpretendtwo
When Scenery Becomes a Memoryby SUJAJI
It was you, and it's still you.
If I Am Sky, Can You Not Be A Cloud by letmewritethewords
If I Am Sky, Can You Not Be A Cloudby Lís
A Prapai x Sky book of oneshots and short stories.
Be !! My groom by Ming_782
Be !! My groomby Ming_X9
Hello!! everyone this my first FF, if you like please vote for it. MY skills in writing is not really and second thing is english is not my first language so don't mind...
Two Become One  by MultiStand6
Two Become One by Multi Stand
This is how two families became one because of two kids who were hidden from one and other
Making The Rain Mine by berrybiiu
Making The Rain Mineby 🌈
Rain is the school nerd and Phayu is the school hottest boy. One day, Rain decided to confess his feelings to Phayu and was rejected harsh on the spot. That made Rain mo...
Not Your Ordinary Crossover by all_about_books1412
Not Your Ordinary Crossoverby all_about_books1412
Unexpected relationships, reveals, but mostly gays causing chaos.
A Single Reason Why. by words_and_fantasies
A Single Reason Sharif Ahmed
Prapai×Sky When Sky was attacked but Prapai choose to leave, believing he cheated on him
Bl fanfiction (Oneshots) by Authornim2607
Bl fanfiction (Oneshots)by Author nim
it's just fanfiction. don't take much seriously. it's has almost all the blships soo enjoy sinners😑😂