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Forced...Or Is It Love?!(FOIIL)  by Chocolate-Lover93
Forced...Or Is It Love?!(FOIIL) by Chocolate-Lover93
Completed: 11/1/18 Highest Ranking: 976 on 26/2/18 "You can't force me," Zoey said. "I am not forcing you. I am ordering you," Kade said. "I do...
Espresso (Satoshi Isshiki x OC) by KotaKuraiyoru
Espresso (Satoshi Isshiki x OC)by Kota
Immersed in the stressful, always active atmosphere of Totsuki Culinary Academy, the few remaining ninety-first generation students have just barely skirted into their s...
Save me...wait wizards?! (zero x reader) by StarAmulet
Save me...wait wizards?! (zero x StarAmulet
Celest is just an ordinary girl or at least she was until one day she swallowed something called the crystal pearl. Of course, she didn't expect two wizards to come over...
Return to Never Land by PerkyGoth14
Return to Never Landby PerkyGoth14
Sequel to Cherry Meets Peter Pan. Cherry and Wendy are now both grown up with their own children during World War II and have to send their children for their safety. We...
Perky Goth and the Court Composer by PerkyGoth14
Perky Goth and the Court Composerby PerkyGoth14
summary: What happened to Maestro Forte after the spell was broken, leaving Belle and Prince Adam to live happily ever after together? Follow Forte on his journey throug...
Save Me! Lollipop! (The Taboo) by insane_chick_02
Save Me! Lollipop! (The Taboo)by insane_chick_02
a Save Me! Lollipop! fan fiction. Nina was close friends with Hastuka and Youka. However, she was closer to one other girl who she saw as family. And that girl is Iones...
Forte's Past by PerkyGoth14
Forte's Pastby PerkyGoth14
 Just a random Forte story I'm putting together based on his past, contains numerous OC's, Forte belongs to Disney.
Estelle and the Nutcracker by PerkyGoth14
Estelle and the Nutcrackerby PerkyGoth14
Estelle joins her new dance class for the Christmas show of The Nutcracker, however when the girls get new dance shoes, Estelle's transport her to the past of the origin...
O jardim de lírios by Sugar-chwan
O jardim de líriosby Akira
Lady Lilith Wycombe é a terceira filha do conde de Billington, que, durante todas as quatro temporadas, recebera apenas propostas de rapazes visando seu generoso dote. A...
Mephistopheles Territory (MT) by PetinaSyl
Mephistopheles Territory (MT)by Petina Syl Alisa
Pyther Ophioser Venomer Rules! •FOLLOW THE GANG'S RULES AND REGULATIONS -if you can't, then leave •RESPECT YOUR GANGMATE -wag kang bastos, lalo na sa Officers •DO YOUR...
Sona Code es una estudiante de ingeniería en sistemas de primer año. Como un simple proyecto escolar trata de recrear un aparato que permita interactuar con el mundo vi...
Note's Wondrous Life  by TirrianReed
Note's Wondrous Life by Note SDBH
Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Note has just woke up in her room yawning in her hand just as her phone ringed. She looked down and saw it was none other than her childhood fr...
Il ritorno di Kira- Death note 3 by simone_pianoforte
Il ritorno di Kira- Death note 3by simone_pianoforte
Ci troviamo in un altra realtà dove tutto quello che immaginiamo è possibile. La storia di Simone e la sua battaglia contro Elle continua. Chi vincerà?
1791 by PerkyGoth14
1791by PerkyGoth14
Cherry somehow stumbles into the year 1791 and reunites with Belle, Adam, the servants, along with another servant who wasn't very friendly to begin with...
Lohren Lay by IveGrazy714
Lohren Layby Ive Grazy
Lohren Lay D'arc Miller mora na cidade do Rio de Janeiro BR, tem 14 anos. Ela nunca namorou e diz que nem quer, nem pensa nisso. Quando faz amizade com algum rapaz é ami...
O que seria Viver.... by NicolyH2631
O que seria Nicoly
A vida é complicada,dificil,e as vezes inimaginavel. Tanta coisa acontece,mas como dizem;'O trem não para'. Aqui teremos cronicas,poemas,e pensamentos,tudo com o legítim...
Nome é Laço by Chaussard
Nome é Laçoby Dovahnder
A vida confusa de Marina, breve, e seu Narrador.
KETO FORTE ITALY And Love - How They Are The Same by herrydorrie
KETO FORTE ITALY And Love - How herrydorrie
Keto Forte Italy :On the off chance that you are hoping to shed pounds, at that point you need to devour Keto Forte Italy supplement for at any rate 3-5 months consisten...