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Proof of Your Love  by Hoodle2000
Proof of Your Love by Megan Jackson
Hello, my name is Jewel Hernandez. Most people think I have an average life but they're wrong. I have secrets. I have baggage. Is there someone who can help me. will I t...
Love In The Dark•Joriah by MalefM
Love In The Dark•Joriahby dreamer
"Take your eyes off of me so I can leave I'm far too ashamed to do it with you watching me This is never ending, we have been here before But I can't stay this time...
Song Lyrics by ventdog
Song Lyricsby Kathryn
I thought I would put up some song lyrics to different song that I really like. You might know them you might not. I really just wanted a quick way to look them up on...
The Rebel Heart by MalefM
The Rebel Heartby dreamer
Stuff from the internet & more . Title inspired by Lauren Daigle.
Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓ by MalefM
Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓by dreamer
Secrets. Pain. Love. cover by the amazing @pricelesstrashpanda Completed December 2019
Won't Give Up • for KING & COUNTRY  by jilnysoto
Won't Give Up • for KING & COUNTRY by j i l n y 💛
Moriah Peters is a seventeen year old singer and songwriter. She is funny, active, determined, and beautiful. When she gets invited to tour with other celebrities on Win...
Forki One-Shots by MalefM
Forki One-Shotsby dreamer
Just a collection of fkac one-shots because I'm incapable of writing a full-length story.
Baby Smallbone by bravegymnast
Baby Smallboneby alexis
Read it to find out !!!
Missing • fK&C • book 2 by jilnysoto
Missing • fK&C • book 2by j i l n y 💛
• || If I could tell you now, I'll tell you how my world is dark, now that you're Missing || • Sequel to "Whole Hearted •(Completed)•{FK&C & Joriah Fanfic}" wr...
God Only Knows • for KING & COUNTRY by jilnysoto
God Only Knows • for KING & COUNTRYby j i l n y 💛
✨ Fanfiction ✨ Luke and Courtney have lived through so much obstacles, from near death experiences to absence of parents. And yet, they still manage to be a happy family...
Shoulders by Priceless_Keyper
Shouldersby Brynlee
Amber Thomas wasn't the kind of orphan foster parents would look at twice. She was fifteen, she had depression, she cut herself, and had attempted suicide multiple times...
This Is Love by Joriah4life
This Is Loveby Joriah4life
"One, day, I going to have a little girl and be a mommy." 5 year old Moriah said. Now, years later, She has left that dream in the dust. A Christian artist and...
Steady by Joriah4life
Steadyby Joriah4life
Synopsis:Leila Mae Kahalow is a 14 year old orphan who lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii . Her mom died when she was young and her dad abandoned her after. She grew u...
Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic) by fKandC_fan
Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic)by JustKaris
Brooke's dad was offered a new job - a huge honor for Brooke's family of five. The only problem is: it's in Nashville, TN and Brooke lives in Indiana. Easy solution: Dr...
Love's To Blame (fK&C FanFiction) (COMPLETED!) by iamchloels
Love's To Blame (fK&C FanFiction) Chloe Shoaf
Adley Emerson is your typical fourteen year old Christian girl....Loves Jesus, Jesus music, and the people who make Jesus music. Especially one band in particular, For K...
Christian Color Guard Girls | A for KING & COUNTRY Fanfication  by KAAllen01
Christian Color Guard Girls | A KAAllen01
Brooklyn and Trinity became friends through Christian baptism and expanded their friendship through Color Guard at their school. They decide to create an Instagram accou...
Whole Hearted • fK&C • book 1 by jilnysoto
Whole Hearted • fK&C • book 1by j i l n y 💛
Moriah Peters, before marriage, adopted three little girls. Alanis, Joanna, and Tamara Peters. They have a wonderful mother and daughter bond. And nothing can separate t...
Without You by Joriah4life
Without Youby Joriah4life
"It's how you take Journey that affects your Destination " Joel Smallbone has so much to be thankful for. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter, great siblings...
Missing by olaf_saylor
Missingby olaf_saylor
Joel and Luke Smallbone, two Aussie brothers in the band for King and Country. Everything is going great for them, until one day they get into a fight. Shortly after thi...
A Colton Dixon and for King and country fanfic by fordixonand3for3
A Colton Dixon and for King and BraveMessenger
Kaia Rose Dixon is a 16 year old girl whose brother happens to be a famous Christian singer. After their parents die in a plane crash, she has to go on tour with her bro...