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"then we will fall together"  by stories-of-the-lost
"then we will fall together" by unknown author
pain. hurt. love. forgiveness. A innocent girl is accused of murdering her friends and is sent to asylum for the criminally insane. She faces many hardships on the way...
  • suicide
  • girl
  • alone
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My Alpha Mate Rejected me (Old Version) by kiddoforeverrrr
My Alpha Mate Rejected me (Old Rachel 💋
Belle Daphne was a young sweet girl who wanted love from everyone. Unfortunately, the moon goddess have plan other things for her. At a young age, she was rejected by...
  • trust
  • rejected
  • friendship
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Who's gonna fill her shoes? by jennaplaysfortnite
Who's gonna fill her shoes?by Schlampe
America was amazing in his children's eyes. All 50 of them. Well, all 49. One state went missing, long ago. But only one person knew, Where the Heart of Dixie went.
  • love
  • america
  • forgivness
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Sadly Engaged by MESparks
Sadly Engagedby MESparks
Emily Montgomery had never done anything wrong in her life. She obeyed everything her parents ever asked of her. But now she finally has to break away from the good litt...
  • arranged
  • forgivness
  • friendship
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On One Condition............ by kestyne23
On One Migan Kestyne
Ryna Danny's father dies in a car accident. She has to move on, go to a new school, change her country, change her house. And that is not that easy for. Lamar Smith jus...
  • highschool
  • love
  • forgivness
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Playing with fire by lostandfound15
Playing with fireby lostandfound15
Playing with fire no one knows who will get hurt..
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • friendship
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BLANK PAGE by ppielove
BLANK PAGEby ppielove
There is more to life than what you were taught growing up. All you have to do is dig up that more. Start with a little story reading.
  • faith
  • love
  • muslimah
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Life as you know it... by roseytrunks
Life as you know Amanda Mafora
Just a poetry book of an unhappy teenager caught in between reality and a dream.
  • human
  • heartthrob
  • heartwrenching
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A Good brother by sushilol1
A Good brotherby LoL
On the edge of dying that one "im sorry"changed everything between 2 brothers.
  • dreamtale
  • dream
  • brother
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Make it Right by Svu_FanFic
Make it Rightby InkMonster
Olivia is dead...well that's what everyone thinks.The squad is depressed, Elliot is suicidal and everything is off grid. It's up to someone to make it right... But who...
  • danibeck
  • forgivness
  • love
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Old, but new love (Waterloo road) by Carolineeexx
Old, but new love (Waterloo road)by Caroline
Maya baker use to be a student at waterloo road. Now she is back as a trainee teacher. When Maya was a student. She and Tom clarkson had an affair but it ended. Maya was...
  • forgivness
  • waterlooroad
  • love
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Truth as Sharp as a Dagger by CherDMei
Truth as Sharp as a Daggerby Elsa Baudelaire
Poems from the heart and mind that tells a life's journey. From the battles of depression and anxiety to finding God through struggle of living in between life and death.
  • forgivness
  • depression
  • hope
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Forgiveness (ft. Pagreance) by SavageGamer_99
Forgiveness (ft. Pagreance)by SG_99YT
After the 'incident.' Things went back to normal. Edd is still a little bean and a cola lover. Matt still loves himself. Clifton and Madeline are together. Kaitlyn sti...
  • friendship
  • collab
  • cringe
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lOVE LETTER'S FROM GOD by MicroGrounder
  • forgivness
  • god
  • poetry
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Concoction (Arthur x Magical reader one shot) Completed by Bethany263
Concoction (Arthur x Magical antisocial
Your a beautiful maiden who Prince Arthur 'happens' to stumble upon. Using all of your tricks you have to distract the Prince long enough to cover your secret. But even...
  • sorcery
  • seduction
  • fluff
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Realities by LilithsStory
Realitiesby Dis functional
This isn't a Story, these are a few poems written by me. They have to deal with past experiences and dreams.
  • sadness
  • memories
  • heartbreak
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I'll Always Be Crazy by KuroDeity
I'll Always Be Crazyby KuroDeity
Original Poems *Trigger Warning*
  • heartbreak
  • life
  • allwholelotofcrazy
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Beck & Jade Oliver (Season 3) by badeluver154
Beck & Jade Oliver (Season 3)by Amelia
What will happen now, now that Jade had left Beck, and left him heartbroken? Will he still be able to forgive her? Will he still be able to love her again? Would the big...
  • pain
  • brokenheart
  • forgivness
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(Joker x Batman ) A Sweet Ending ❤🖤 by GalixyArts
(Joker x Batman ) A Sweet Ending ❤ Hauns RT
What happened after the ending of The Lego Batman Movie? And will Joker ever stop messing up with Batmans family? Maybe...Something even more fishy is going on. Read to...
  • dark
  • legobatman
  • love
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Life Lessons by Mayacool0409
Life Lessonsby Maya
This will be a series that will have multiple short stories, that will teach life lessons. Whether they are about Forgiveness, Sadness or Friends, they will be included...
  • forgivness
  • friendship