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Forget me Not [BTS male 8th member] by 0-Characterz-0
Forget me Not [BTS male 8th member]by 𝐀𝐓𝐋𝐀𝐒
A 27 year old boy named Shin Daehyun has had a rough past, or as he says a not so pleasant one. Daehyun becomes the 8th member of a band known as BTS. None of them like...
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Forget Me Not (3rd book of the Acceptance Series) by RissaleWriter
Forget Me Not (3rd book of the Rissa, Rissy, Riss
(Can be read as a stand-alone) She was my best friend, the love of my life. She was a beautiful soul, too perfect for this world and the people that wanted to use her ag...
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Remember Me by MVickery3
Remember Meby MVickery3
If anyone in class 1-A was asked what they thought of Izuku Midoriya, then they would use the exact same three things to describe him. 1. Determined Izuku just thought o...
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Forget Me Not // t.h. 90's au by bbytholland
Forget Me Not // t.h. 90's auby jenn
what you have with him, it could last a lifetime. but what if it isn't supposed to? what if it's your experiences from that fateful summer of '95 that last forever, not...
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Forget Me Not ✔ [#MissionDesi]  by ishqbulaava_
Forget Me Not ✔ [#MissionDesi] by ❦ ত্রিপর্ণা ❦
Highest rank → #3 on Chicklit (04.05.16) ~~~ "You made me fall in love Niva, you made me fall for you" As a normal girl I had always dreamt of love. But when...
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Forget Me Not   by Nann_11
Forget Me Not by Nann
ကမ်းရိုးတန်းတွေခြားနားနေသည့်တိုင် မြတ်နိုးရသော တမ်းတရပါသော ကိုယ့်အချစ်
Caleb Finn is my dorm mate?! (Smut?) by Nightmare_Eden
Caleb Finn is my dorm mate?! ( Nightmare_Eden
Your name is Michelle and you are a junior in college with a new roommate. Things get a little crazy! . . . (And yes I know that the whole plot of the story is cliche bu...
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Haven't You Heard? by no1bro1step
Haven't You Heard?by .writers.block
The may have the same profession, but completely different people with united souls. For the longest time, the have been trying to remain as just good friends until that...
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Forget Me Not || LoZ: BotW {Link x Reader} {Under Heavy Editing!} by LivFreely
Forget Me Not || LoZ: BotW {Link Queen Of The Clouds
"You're my hero," Bound to be a sacrifice for the greater good, born under a bad sign, saved from death yet forbidden to love and live - despite defying the he...
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Broken Hearts Club (Hanahaki Short Story)  by Selcouth_Minds
Broken Hearts Club (Hanahaki PoisonAndStars
(This is a short story about the Hanahaki disease, which is a fictional disease and wasn't created by me.) -I always thought blue was a pretty colour.- My thoughts tremb...
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(Countryhumans)forgetfull by imgr8t
(Countryhumans)forgetfullby hola
I'm gr8t , ther will be rusame
Hatred Speaks Louder Than Love by ShiningSagi
Hatred Speaks Louder Than Loveby 빛나는 사지
Based off of the recent trend of isekai novels and manhwas, especially "Who Made Me a Princess," "Daughter of the Emperor," etc. Diana Fiorette, an o...
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love beyond words \\ j.j.k by Sugakookies99
love beyond words \\ j.j.kby goth gf
Sometimes we forget what is important to us, and sometimes we can't help that. Book two is out! "The mind forgets, but th...
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Already forgotten  by angstwithanP
Already forgotten by P
Sequel to forget me not. Ever since Roman and Virgil left stonecrest, there lives have been nothing but bliss. Logan was getting help for his "curse." While R...
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Forget Me Not by Brandonia666
Forget Me Notby ~B
When someone feels lost, alone, or abandoned, there's a certain bar run by a certain god that may appear. The bartender always has an open heart and the right thing to s...
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wilted flower by lionheartlovato
wilted flowerby hailey🥀
memories are forever right?
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His as promised  by XSnowyxTreesX
His as promised by Visa
Regina has been overprotective of her love ones since a freak accident occurred in the 'safety' of her home when she was younger. She ended up leaving her childhood be...
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forget-me-not |binwoo| [completed] by Akiko-chaan
forget-me-not |binwoo| [completed]by Akiko-chaan
He felt his eyes get wet as Dongmin held the flowers like they were something fragile, smelling them. "Do you like them?" "I love them." - I love you...
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Forget Me Not (L.S au) by 1Dering_About_You
Forget Me Not (L.S au)by Abby
"Life is cruel, but you must move on." That was what Louis had told him once, when everything was falling apart around him. Harry's husband was a fighter, whil...
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Rant Book by damn_ghostbusters
Rant Bookby bacon pancakes
This is just a random book of rants. No names will be said just stuff that happens that I need to put out there....... Before I scream! ...
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