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Meldine by AishikaChakraborty
Meldineby Valentia Leonora
When you can't identify your own mother let alone believing her, whom can you trust? When you can't differentiate between reality and dream and yet you have a big myster...
  • hallucinations
  • dreams
  • nightmare
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Forgetful by LoveFromLetterbomb
Forgetfulby Mikey Fratelli
Picture this; It's pre-Black Parade era and Mikey Way has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimerz. There's no hope to regain his memory and he has six months to...
  • forgetful
  • iero
  • frank
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remember. ✓ by joyfulweirdo
remember. ✓by ˗ˏˋ 喜び ˎˊ˗
❝ you forgot your gloves. ❞ + in which a girl is extremely forgetful. she never had the memory for anything. she doesn't even have enough storage for her crush's pre...
  • forget
  • story
  • wattpride
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dear diary, its me again. by horsejmp
dear diary, its me Peyton
well folks, looky what you have found! its my public diary!!! come and well read my public diary! its supposed to be funny but oh well i think i failed at that a while b...
  • june
  • emotion
  • updated
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Who Am I by Achinthya3214
Who Am Iby Achinthya3214
Everything was fine until the new term of high school. Follow the thrilling adventures of Jacob a 17 year old teen who gets into a awful mess. But does he realise he ha...
  • coma
  • upset
  • adventure
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My Amazing Book of randomness by Imthatrandomgirl
My Amazing Book of randomnessby Caitlyn
My book or rants and stuff. Also there will be short chapters... some shorter than others
  • tag
  • amazing
  • forgetful
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The Secret Inside Us by DD_ML_Carryon
The Secret Inside Usby DD_ML_Carryon
Two girls, who have very different backgrounds share the same secret. Can they find a place where it's safe, or is nowhere safe....
  • kingofminecraftnerds
  • forgetful
  • mae
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Girl's Day Out by BlackRainbow104
Girl's Day Outby Black Rainbow
These girls are just having a day out.😂😂
  • forgetful
  • sarah
  • water
Forgetful Princess {On Hold} by ImMariaAthena21
Forgetful Princess {On Hold}by ImMariaAthena21
-TagLish Story- This is a story about a vampire princess that is cursed that makes her forget the everyday happenings. And she hangs on her little Diary. Will she succe...
  • king
  • fantasy
  • love
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Forgotten by GumeyBear
Forgottenby GumeyBear
  • forgetful
  • insane
  • romaction
Forget Me Not by scintillating_
Forget Me Notby Amy c:
✞please don't forget me✞ Luca Peterson is in love with Aria Harlington. Except, the only problem is, she has short-term memory loss and forgets about him the very next d...
  • lucapeterson
  • forgetful
  • story
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Love Is Blind by NoPain_NoGame
Love Is Blindby Louise
Magenta Claire Cross isn't your average sweet, loving, innocent-looking neighbor who loves barbie, ponies, and other shit. She was actually, a bully. Magenta LOVES bully...
  • childhood
  • butler
  • amnesia
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Do you have those moments? by Late_night_creeper
Do you have those moments?by Late_night_creeper
↗↗Moments↘↘ We endure much weirdness
  • forgetful
  • moments
  • updatingslowly
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Looking For A Princess by faeriewing
Looking For A Princessby queen of donuts ✿
''You see, Poppy; I wish I could tell you alot of things, one of them being how I feel but I fear that it'll just make everything worse, you know?'' George frowned, putt...
  • searchingforaprincess
  • princegeorgeofcambridge
  • london
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Brave by bottledstyles
Braveby bottledstyles
To stay a devil you only need rage. To become and angel you have to be brave
  • brave
  • shopping
  • gắng
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Lost and Confused by haralu
Lost and Confusedby self diagnosed
  • confused
  • delirous
  • rejection
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Picking Up The Pieces: by 13yearoldMamagirl
Picking Up The Pieces:by 13yearoldMamagirl
  • against
  • sandra
  • forgetful
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Forever Mine by lucky13xxx
Forever Mineby lucky13xxx
Iris West, an ordinary 17 year old with the ambition just to graduate high school. With her parents dead she, her older brother and little brother always move from place...
  • blake
  • gym
  • art
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