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It has to be right (Cazzie Fic) by untiltheveryend03
It has to be right (Cazzie Fic)by untiltheveryend03
This fanfic is about Casey and Izzie's relationship after the season finale and how Casey dealed with Evan and all of her new feelings about Izzie. There are other chare...
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So, I love My Best Friend by writergurl95
So, I love My Best Friendby Taylor
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EMO CRACK!!! GET YOUR FRESH EMO CRACK !!!! by fortheloveofrock
EMO CRACK!!! GET YOUR FRESH EMO the wierd yeemo duo
all in the title . expect to laugh , cry ,cringe and question meee!! (wattpad was being stupid and deleted the other crack book) oh man im gonna go to hell XDD this in...
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Psycho Sister (Brendon Urie x Reader) by _bananabread_
Psycho Sister (Brendon Urie x lexi bexi
Your just another awkward 15 year old, crushing on a guy a year older. This guy just happens to be BRENDON URIE, a guy with an amazing voice and huge forehead. When you...
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Brendon Urie x Forehead (The Forehead Fic) by goodnightcomet
Brendon Urie x Forehead (The mia
Pretty self-explanatory from the title lol kill me. Also just to clarify, this fic is a joke. Just like my life.
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Rowaelin: Locked in the Dark by thisXisXme
Rowaelin: Locked in the Darkby Alisa
Aelin has been brutalized and scarred before, but never like what Maeve has done to her. How has she survived and coped the weeks apart from her friends, allies, and her...
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PLAY FOR ME // brendon urie x reader by ryroyoongles
PLAY FOR ME // brendon urie x biscuit bread
"I just need someone to be with me.." "Don't worry. I'll be right here." •---• When the Brendon Urie invites you up on stage to play guitar at a conc...
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My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha ( Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
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Gordan Ramsay's Forehead Wrinkles x Reader by CaeGymnast7
Gordan Ramsay's Forehead Pineapple Kween
Hello there, I don't know why I decided to make this a thing... *THIS BOOK IS A JOKE*
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Behind the Fake Smile *completed* by MouldyBanana
Behind the Fake Smile *completed*by Saarah
Joanne Alker, lives the life that every teenager lives. Mundane and routine in every way, she finds that the only thing that brings adventure to her life is the same thi...
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CrankThatBrendon by MochiTochi13
CrankThatBrendonby MochiTochiIsEmoTrash
Inspired by a video from CrankThatFrank, CrankThatBrendon tells us about the beautiful relationship that had blossomed between one forehead king and another.
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In love with my twin brother?! This is beyond forbidden!! by KelliQ
In love with my twin brother?! Kelly
Alex and Jack have always been together since birth. They can not be seperated. They are twins. Everything seemed completely right to Alex, until Jack started acting wei...
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Ryden oneshots (or x readerssss) by PATDISCOOL
Ryden oneshots (or x readerssss)by WelcomeToTrench
NO SMUT need some ideas (*cough* rip mcr *cough*)
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Brendon Urie Imagines by Maddyhaze
Brendon Urie Imaginesby Mads 🔆
I've officially ran out of Fanfiction to read!! so i made one lmao. Enjoy! started 06-06-19
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❤️Shrek and Carl Azuz's forbidden love❤️ by Jimmyneutronrocksme
❤️Shrek and Carl Azuz's Jimmyneutronrocksme
Shrek and Shadow were in love yet he had a secret, he was secretly pinning for Carl Azuz
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i've been looking for you by kakalaka
i've been looking for youby kakalaka
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The Abandoned Child by moosifers
The Abandoned Childby Melyssa
[Hiatus] Sasuke never knew how many Uchiha slipped through the grip of the Uchiha Massacre. He was too focused on gaining revenge on his brother. A new girl appears in K...
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