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Obsessed  by Emipopistar123
Obsessed by 𝓔𝓶𝓲
"Your eyes , your body , your lips , your hair , your blood ,your life and you , are mine!" *English @AnnaSan442 thank you for the cover... ❤️ Warning: *Sexu...
  • yandereboy
  • blood
  • dramatic
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Loving you is hard E.N.DLU  by GraceCat676
Loving you is hard E.N.DLU by Grace Cat
lucy is on her way to the Guild little does she know something has happened well she was gone... E.N.D is here for something.... or some one to get what is his and to...
  • fairytail
  • nalu4ever
  • anime
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levi x eren forced lemon/ yandere levi by 21aotgirl
levi x eren forced lemon/ 21aotgirl
yandere levi/ forced lemon. will do requests! feel free to ask for any ships! hope you guys enjoy!
  • yandere
  • yaoifanfic
  • erenjaeger
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Toffee X Reader Xxx by the_lemmony_perv
Toffee X Reader Xxxby
WARNING: xxx /straight rape and sex details in dis my peps... my story begins with a girl who is 14 and living a normal life in reality but one night as shes driving ho...
  • nehehehe
  • biggining
  • svtfoe
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Forced Lemon! by LadyGoku68
Forced Lemon!by LadyGoku68
A book of lemons
  • anime
  • forcedlemon
  • xreader
Sold To Thanos ( A Forbidden Romance ) by thanos-fist-me-109
Sold To Thanos ( A Forbidden owo whats this
hey you guys, a BUNCH of my friends have been requesting some juicy thanos tales, so instead of an imagine, this is a thanos LOVE STORY/LEMON do not read if you are the...
  • love
  • snap
  • forcedlemon
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Iniquity by basiltrice
Iniquityby I don't reflect, I destroy wi...
The second Mariku got his own body, he went after Malik. In a sick sense, he believed that since at one time, Malik was part of him, that he owned him. -This is writt...
  • poetry
  • gore
  • yugioh
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Glitchy x Nightmare oneshots (Lemons-) by PsxoxoScruffy
Glitchy x Nightmare oneshots ( Ps.xoxo. Scruffy
EEEEEEY FIRST BOOK XDDDDD btw this will mostly be forced and all that stuff- Glitchy is my errorberry oc and idek who Nm belongs too
  • imsorry
  • errorberry
  • forcedlemon
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Forced Anime Lemons by elizzyanime
Forced Anime Lemonsby elizzyanime
Yay lemons Any lemons Yay
  • lemon
  • forced
  • forcedsmut
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Germany Hetalia by The_MysteriousKnown
Germany Hetaliaby The_MysteriousKnown
very sexual encounters with Germany/ ludwig/lutz
  • hetaliagermany
  • germanylemon
  • forcedlemon
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yandere fem gangster x shy timid male reader  by storymanpro
yandere fem gangster x shy timid storymanpro
warning if you don't like forced lemons, gang violence, blood, drug trafficking, drug abuse then don't read also storymanpro dose not support the illegal usage of any an...
  • yandere
  • gangleader
  • horror
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My New Boss (Yandere!Itachi x Reader) by Heavenstars16
My New Boss (Yandere!Itachi x Heavenstars16
You and Sasuke are 27 and have a child together and are a married couple. You work for Akatsuki Inc a big and growing company. You work there as an assistant for your bo...
  • itachi
  • romance
  • yandere
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// DABI X READER SCENARIO// and a few OCS to compare. by RARA-CHAN_OFFICAL
Scenarios for all my Dabi ho's.
  • love
  • mature
  • scenrios
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Night Shift by hella_bored_and_gay
Night Shiftby hella_bored_and_gay
a lemon/love story it shall be cringy im only posting because my friend dared me to and i never back down from a dare. in the story you are a female to works at Freddy F...
  • fnaf
  • forcedlemon
  • horror
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Foxy x reader (lemon) by DanielleSherman4
Foxy x reader (lemon)by Danielle Sherman
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • forcedlemon
  • foxyxreader
My Personal Pet Peeves in FanFiction  by acupofcriticism
My Personal Pet Peeves in L.Brooks
Basically me complaining about things I find obnoxious when I look at fanfic's.
  • noncon
  • forcedlemon
  • fanfiction
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Little Wild One (Shizaya Lemon) ~DISCONTINUED~ by i_jinsei
Little Wild One (Shizaya Lemon) ~
What started off as Izaya being beaten next to death, ended up as Shizuo's love apology. The brute always did seem bipolar. [Originally written when I was 12.] [One of t...
  • forcedlemon
  • pov
  • lemon
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