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The kiss that shouldn't happen(COMPLETED) by hunniebunie
The kiss that shouldn't happen( HunnieBun
He only sees Kayla as his best friend's little sister...but what if that all changes. What if one kiss could change every feeling you had for a person? Can something for...
Dragging Waves by onehonestliar
Dragging Wavesby onehonestliar
An uncanny encounter that brought changes to their lives.
Forbidden Feelings (Il Volo Fanfic)  by ilvolooneshots
Forbidden Feelings (Il Volo Il Volo One Shots
It all began a shiny morning of March, when Gianluca found Francesca, and solved the misunderstanding that has happened between them. Then, the couple decided to go rou...
Fire inside of us by halibrook
Fire inside of usby Hali Brook
In the entire history of the Sicilian mafia, there has never been a girl at the head, but she changed that. Carla Marinelli became boss after the death of her father. Sh...
Broken by LunaAnnelisse
Brokenby Neliza Mitchell Luciano Cardo...
Nobody really knows how it feels when you feel your world got shattered from the core into bits and pieces, dragging you into a world of darkness with no hopes to ever g...
Joker's Favourite (Joker x reader)[M4A] by qatbell
Joker's Favourite (Joker x reader) Qat
(EDITING)(SLOW BURN FANFIC) In the heart of Gotham City, a relentless battle unfolds between chaos and justice, love and madness. Y/N, a determined detective known for u...