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The Summer Job by genevieve_halt
The Summer Jobby Genevieveeeee
Ever since Lana was little, it's just been her and her mom. Wanting to be closer to her family in South Carolina, they decide to move. One little issue.. Lana was forced...
Fake It Till We Make It by LustwithaB
Fake It Till We Make Itby LustwithaB
‼️HEAVY SMUT‼️ 23 year old, Elena Scott, Is a famous model, and is stuck with Nicolas in a huge beach house for the summer. 25 year old, Nicolas Waren, is a professiona...
Under Friday Night Lights by phmilo
Under Friday Night Lightsby piper h. milo
Elijah Huron, the star running back of Hawasee High School, has something entirely new to worry about this year other than routes and plays -- a girl who his parents hav...
Grow up by annoyingfangirl444
Grow upby annoyingfangirl444
Natalie woods is a soon to be freshman who is nerdy and dorky. She spends her days with books, and her best friend Melody. But she spent her summer away this year at her...
The unexpected love by RoxannePetitpas
The unexpected loveby Lovestory
A football boy, the shyest boy you would ever seen, but so popular for his handsome looks. A basic girl, who was friend with the boy since childhood, but they're not fri...
Invisible by starchaser66
Invisibleby bella
Olivia is 15 and just started high school as a freshman. She is shy and she talks to a lot of people but she feels invisible at the same time. Henry is a popular footbal...
I might hate him? by kendallrobbins
I might hate him?by kendallrobbins
Sydney has a love hate relationship with her school's football team. They love her but are idiots so. Her home life is fucked LMAO her brothers an asshole but an asshole...
Because I Want to Know by smutxholic
Because I Want to Knowby smut lover
Bela Accardi has lived a life full of trauma. The things she knows and the things she has seen has created who she is today. Her life suddenly changes when she takes a l...
The Football Boy's Kryptonite by bay27822
The Football Boy's Kryptoniteby bay27822
Bailey is just a quiet junior trying to get through school. She thought her school day would be absolutely awful, because aren't they always when she unexpectedly gets h...
Want Me by harryfeelsomf
Want Meby 𝕝 𝕖 𝕩
August, the girl you've known since elementary school but have never truly noticed. She's only ever lived under her breathtakingly gorgeous best friend's shadow since b...
i'm in love with my Best Guy Friend by almondjojo
i'm in love with my Best Guy Friendby almondjojo
"haha, I love you, Ashleigh" he said. "I love you too, Mason" I replied. • • • Ashleigh, is a half Hispanic, 5 foot tall freshman girl, she's in love...
love by the fire By. Breezy by sassy_bee11
love by the fire By. Breezyby sassy_bee11
a regular girl turns into something special
Our year together  by kathrine_83075
Our year together by kathrine
Tamara Abigail Hanks is a 16 year old who's parents got separated a month ago causing lots of ups and downs but she notices someone who will change her completely Gabri...
Who would of thought  by LuluDecola
Who would of thought by Lulu Decola
Sky was shy always had her head in a book she wasn't popular she had 2 close friends and she was cool with she sarcastic and has a fiery personality once's you get to kn...