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Choosing You (JJ Watt) by SimpleAndAnonymous
Choosing You (JJ Watt)by peace
"I promise to choose you, every day for the rest of our lives." From day one, J.J. and Levya were on the same page. "Til death do us part" meant fore...
Cricky Renaldo  by demygiannoula
Cricky Renaldo by Demy Giannoula
Ricky Regufe & Cristiano Ronaldo 47 of 608 cristianoronaldo stories thank you very much 😘
The Seeding by bauron
The Seedingby Bauron
Hello Please read this excerpt from my book the Seeding. This is the prologue You can purchase the title from the following locations
Lost In Paradise (Urban Fiction) by tribeiman
Lost In Paradise (Urban Fiction)by tribeiman
Giovanna Williams thought she had her life all figured out. She had a nice house, fancy car, dream job, and a beautiful face to match. She had everything... but a man. B...
How to prevent a concussion in football by lefty_2
How to prevent a concussion in lefty_2
Hello I am going to tell you how to prevent a concussion. 1. When you are going for a tackle always keep your head up. 2. Always have your mouth piece in it might seem k...