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Entangled: Playfully by _SoloBird_
Entangled: Playfullyby K.R.
Entangled Book #2 Life is short; it should be full of fun. These are the words of Daniel Adams. Daniel Adams is playful, joyous, and is full of life. Despite being the C...
Delicious Love by SJMinnal
Delicious Loveby Scribbly Lightning
Vikram chakravarthy is CEO of chakravarthy group of companies he is an introvert. But too perfectionist and only son of chakravarthy and Leela. He was in love with his...
(Space) Rebirth in the 80s by jeffelyncosme
(Space) Rebirth in the 80sby jeffelynC
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. Read to exercise your imagination! Category: Rebirth Novel author: The sea of ​​Kamakura Size: 323 KB Progres...
His not so innocent wife by Simratkbains
His not so innocent wifeby Phoenix
He is cold-hearted. She has no heart. He cares for his image. She doesn't give a fuck of what people think of her. He is ice. She is fire. The only thing they have in c...
Beloved Marriage in High Society by crescentmoonblog
Beloved Marriage in High Societyby Crescent Moon Translations
Beloved Marriage in High Society Original Title: 宠婚豪门 Author: Jianjia Nizi【蒹葭妮子】 Category: Drama, Romance, Yaoi Content: 106 Chapters Introduction: There are only two de...
Only the two of Us ¦¦ BRIGHTWIN🌈  by LeaFujo20
Only the two of Us ¦¦ BRIGHTWIN🌈 by : Lea Na
Win has a dream to travel anywhere and try every food he could, He want to be free from his daily life, but it's all useless when his father wants him to take over the...
A Giant Among Giants by TheGiant1998
A Giant Among Giantsby Giant1998
With all of the human dorms at Titanus University full, Tim has not choice but to room with a Giant. To Tim's surprise, his roomate isn't just any giant, he's the bigges...
A Knock Away by IvyKix19
A Knock Awayby Ivy Kix
When neighbours Hannah and Vince find themselves trapped in their small apartment block due to lockdown, they form a pact to satisfy all their needs... A Knock Away is...
kutty story by the_word_flow
kutty storyby Diya raj
A random short story series no hate only love ❤
Mated To A Foodie | ✓ by MySoulinLines
Mated To A Foodie | ✓by ♕ 𝐓𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖆 ♕
"Oh no! my mate is a foodie, what if she eats me", I thought but my wolf simply purred, "Not if we eat her first". Lilac and Braylon are mates who sh...
Mr Arrogant's Bride [ON HOLD] by Suneeksha18
Mr Arrogant's Bride [ON HOLD]by suneeksha verma
Aarohi Sharma is other name of craziness . She is beautiful ,strong and independent girl middle class girl. She has lost her parents at mere age of 8 and now she is 22...
The Right Way to Offer a Sacrifice to The River God by MehTranslations
The Right Way to Offer a Meh Translations
Chinese Title: 向河神献祭的正确方式 Author: 吕天逸 The villagers chose a maiden to be the bride of the River God. In order to save the maiden, Liu Qi went to the River God's Temple...
ငါးဆားနယ်တစ်ကောင်ပဲဖြစ်ချင်ပေမယ့် သောက်ကျိုးနည်းငါလေးကိုနှောင့်ယှက်နေကြတယ် by KimHsuYoon99
ငါးဆားနယ်တစ်ကောင်ပဲဖြစ်ချင်ပေမယ့် Hsuyoon99
ဤnovelတွင် ပါဝင်သမျှ အရာအားလုံးသည် စိတ်ကူးယဥ်၊ စိတ်ကူးယဥ်၊ စိတ်ကူးယဥ်များသာ ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ ဆင်တူမှုများရှိလျှင် တိုက်ဆိုင်မှုသာဖြစ်ကြောင်း။
WIth the Pizza guy by Kylie_maho
WIth the Pizza guyby B.Fatehi@the love project
craving for the pizza boy?a boy who delivers u pizza nd pasta everyday,, .pics of pizza,etc included i used the pictures of a girl EMILY ROSE as my main character,as i a...
My soulmate is my BFFs brother(OsamuxReader)[discontinued] by brrrrrrsuckhaaaa
My soulmate is my BFFs brother( brrrrrrsuckhaaaa
Y/n is dared by her BFF to talk to her soulmate who was never put effort into talking to her, read to find out what adventures the friends go on and how the romance betw...
The Delivery Dude by IvyKix19
The Delivery Dudeby Ivy Kix
Friday night's doorbell chime brings a hot pizza delivery dude to Evie's apartment, bringing new meaning to TGIF!
The Reincarnated Priestess Journey Towards Her Glamorous Live by ahhllaa__real
The Reincarnated Priestess JennieB
a priestess in the modern world was favored by the goddess of moon. even though the priestess worship the god of light she somehow attracted the attention of the goddess...
Until You by anatejano
Until Youby Ana Tejano
When Charlie Ronquillo finds herself short-staffed for a couple of days, she finds help in the most unexpected person: Sid Agustin, her fruit and vegetable supplier, who...
Khaotic Kids of the Keys [DISCONTINUED] by PresidentDuck
Khaotic Kids of the Keys [ PresidentDuck
Four troublesome tweens: Asor, the man in command who always has a plan; Mya, the sassy girl who will crush people in her way; Larry, the tactical one who has all the an...
Boba Tea | WJK ✔ by philotyvns
Boba Tea | WJK ✔by kei💌
[cafe romance] ❝can i have 1 boba tea please?❞ ❝ew... who the hell even drink that?❞ "boba is great.❞ ...