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Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie) by _Lost-in-stars_
Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie)by _Lost-in-stars_
When Foxy and Bonnie fall for each other, they don't expect things to go so crazy. Foxy found himself denying his feelings at first before he gave in and accepted the cr...
 The Bully's crush. (Foxy X Springtrap) by FargoFazbear1983
The Bully's crush. (Foxy X Fargo Fazbear
Good and Bad. Green and Red. Pirate and OutCast . Menace and victim. Bully and Target. Do any of these things mix well? Foxy (Franky) had learned about "Tough Love...
Love at first bite; Fonnie by LiamDrithal
Love at first bite; Fonnieby Dragonscale321
WARNING! This will contain language and probably some smut. Plz give me criticism if i do something wrong, so i can fix it. And PLEASE no hate comments, i deal with bull...
That Night *Fonnie Smut by FonnieIsFuckingLife
That Night *Fonnie Smutby FonnieIsFuckingLife
!WARNING! Well it's Smut so you know what to expect: If you read this, expect Fonnie smut, Chica Drama, Golden Freddy finding THE ONE, Purple Guy being an Asshole, Fred...
Who Ever Said A Bunny And A Fox Can't Love?: Fonnie (FNAF) by Nyangirl67503
Who Ever Said A Bunny And A Fox BisexualPoptartCat
Bonnie and Foxy have been best friends pretty much ever since they died. As they get older and get used to their new lives in the restaurant, they start to develop feel...
Five Nights Of Romance by galacticghost69
Five Nights Of Romanceby Dad Mom
(BoyxBoy, Humanoid) Foxy and Bonnie slowly fall for one another. The two have to keep it a secret anyways.... (PRE-FNAF 4)
Freddy x Foxy x Bonnie by Flarepirate
Freddy x Foxy x Bonnieby Flarepirate
Exactly what you think :3 threesome xD Yaoi/smut xz) be warned Art from Yiffpirate from tumblr
My Foxy Lover (Foxy x Bonnie) by _Lost-in-stars_
My Foxy Lover (Foxy x Bonnie)by _Lost-in-stars_
Bunny Love Book 2 Since Mangle fell pregnant, there hasn't been much interest around the household. But when the babies are born, and Purple Guy announces that they're...
I'm Here For You (Foxy x Bonnie story) by Unknownbunnny
I'm Here For You (Foxy x Bonnie Nolen
Bonnie is suffering right now. His parents are dead, his boyfriend is abusive and he has no friends to help him. That is until Foxy comes. Foxy cares about Bonnie and wa...
My Ship Opinions and Rating by TotalDramaConnieCook
My Ship Opinions and Ratingby Noah-It-All
You can request anything like: Babtqftim Gravity Falls Total Drama Eddsworld Doki Doki Literature Club Fnaf South Park Etc.
Mi chico morado - Fonnie - yaoi (Completa) by RooLaEnana_okno
Mi chico morado - Fonnie - yaoi ( Roo la fujoshi
En la ciudad de Los Angeles, un chico llamado Bonnie Harmon, tenia una vida horrible... con una madre que se acuesta con cualquiera que ve, y un padre que se la pasa dro...
Why Do You Care!? (Fonnie Yaoi) { Story On Hold} by babydoll_shoes
Why Do You Care!? (Fonnie Yaoi) { Alphyne23
Bonnie's uncle died and his other uncle becomes alcoholic, he has to go to high school instead of being home schooled, kids come and bully him, making him go through dep...
Saving love ( A Foxy X Bonnie story ) by helpmepleasegodwhy
Saving love ( A Foxy X Bonnie helpmepleasegodwhy
Welcome to the story of foxy and Bonnie, they are all adopted by Vincent who discovered them differently at a young age. Other characters also make an appearance in this...
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Foxy x Bonnie Oneshot~ (human!) by Lian_Dran
Foxy x Bonnie Oneshot~ (human!)by DeV3
um.......idk how dis works still so meh hope you like this shiz... -2018 bitch @ you- Yo this is some old shit, enjoy it 🖒
Fonnie! (Completed) by HellowNeko
Fonnie! (Completed)by •Gays are my life•
foxy x Bonnie YAOI boy x boy Foxy has soft and caption side Freddy and Golden Freddy like foxy so they kiss and make out and do the dirty to poor foxy but Foxy has a cru...
ACNH Oneshots | COMPLETED by WpSapnap
ACNH Oneshots | COMPLETEDby Nightmare Rose
USED TO BE ACNH ONESHOTS Was #5 on ACNH for like 3 days?
To Be Me by RainbowCakes00
To Be Meby Leanne
When Chica is unable to do an interview with the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, Bonnie takes her place. Gold, the owner, likes Bonnie so much so that he offers the...
What it takes to be Happy- Golden Freddy x Springtrap || DISCONTINUED by Satxns_Daughter
What it takes to be Happy- Satxns_Daughter
Three boys, one unnoticed, one unloved and one plain lonely. They find that their similarities outweigh the differences and become friends. They fall in love, and have t...
Memories (Fonnie) by queenrand
Memories (Fonnie)by Joyce Joy
(Okay so I got this story idea from the Bonnie song) William Afton, the owner of the restaurant gets arrested and a government agent takes over and runs the pizzeria and...
Freddy X Bonnie X Foxy: The Rockstar Massacre Of 1987 by Unknownbunnny
Freddy X Bonnie X Foxy: The Nolen
(If you do not like this kind of ship, do not spread hate please. Just leave and act like you've never seen it. Thank you. This is also a different version of my oc book...