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Men & Monsters by ConnorMcGinnis
Men & Monstersby Connor N. McGinnis
"I do beg your pardon? Real?" Giant couldn't help but chuckle, yet there seemed to be an underlying hint of offense taken by the girl's words. "Tell me, E...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Wolves of Crystal Cove by kirabelle15
The Wolves of Crystal Coveby Kira
The daughter of an alpha, the true heir of his title, Erin Black has many obstacles to overcome before she gets it. Taken at a young age only to be saved a few years lat...
Inferius by Camille_Gray
Inferiusby Camille Gray
I was born with the Inner Eye, a Seer like Sybill Trelawney. Her power was more profound and respected, while I was mocked by my classmates for being connected to the sp...
Bitten by CottonCandyEyes
Bittenby Samantha
Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When she gets kic...
him and i by lilywrites1
him and iby lily
me and my ex split up 5 months ago, but now we are forced to work together. we're seeing different people, but will spending time with each other everyday after school r...
Battle of the Labyrinth: The Goblin King's Queen by Wildchild04
Battle of the Labyrinth: The Brittany Lyn
(fanfiction based off of the movie from the 80s: Labyrinth) It has been twenty years since Jareth, the Goblin King had his heart broken by mortal Sarah. The Goblin City...
The Sudrians: Reversion by TheMidlandEngine
The Sudrians: Reversionby Middy
The fog has been thick and cruel to the engines in the Southern Region. Especially one engine who travels the nights with his freight. But is it cruel, or a gift, when t...
''The Fog'' - Mandela Catalogue AU by CESARMEWO
''The Fog'' - Mandela Catalogue AUby •_•
Fog has flooded Mandela County! 🤨
Hellhound (Supernatural #1) by Emskie-Wings
Hellhound (Supernatural #1)by Emma
Our town has always been relatively safe. Until, one rainy night, the number of murder cases suddenly started to multiply faster than the local sheriff could handle. It...
(Completed) Siren Heads by CubicGamingYT
(Completed) Siren Headsby CubicGamingYT
A weather warning of yellow warning rain. They said. It's only going to last a couple of hours. They said. Stay calm. They said. Plan your death day. They didn't say.
The Lounge of Dead Blood The lesbian Vampires of the Undead Book Five by RobertHelliger
The Lounge of Dead Blood The RobertHelliger
In New York 1813, Sybilla Charstein, 17, is bitten by a mysterious woman in the dark one Saturday night. When she is turned into a Vampire, she then roams the ports look...
The Man in the Fog by LissyBrooke
The Man in the Fogby LissyBrooke
"What man?" When Ashleigh looked again, she found that he was still there. "He is right.-" "Ashleigh, I'm not in the mood to play games...
Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
Rain & Roses by Micromanaged417
Rain & Rosesby Micromanaged417
Kyouka walks down memory lane. A foggy, rainy, walk through a road of memories. Both painful and pleasant. Izujirou/dekujirou pairing.
The Elizabeth Dane A Fog novel by RobertHelliger
The Elizabeth Dane A Fog novelby RobertHelliger
Antonio Bay, 1880. The Elizabeth Dane is a ship that sunk off the sharp rocks off Spivey Point...and caused the deaths of sailors. One hundred years later, in 1980, they...
The Girl in the Mirror by necromancer339
The Girl in the Mirrorby MaliciousApple
Mirrors: an normal everyday tool to see your reflection. But what if there was another world inside? Something that held something more...sinister?
Fog by nemo-nobody
Fogby Nemo
Collection of rant kind of poetry.
Harana by AliceMaitagarri
Haranaby Alice Maitagarri
A father and his three sons go on a hike in a particularly dangerous valley in the Pyrenees. The middle-child gradually asks more and more questions about their village'...