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Friday Night Funkin' Oneshots by Azuri-Draws
Friday Night Funkin' Oneshotsby Azuri-Draws
This will mostly have Bicobomb, Aus, drawings and oneshots. I do like doing rare ships. There will probably be more drawings than written chapters since I tend to draw m...
"For your own good."(OC X Updike) by Shortstorm238
"For your own good."(OC X Updike)by Short Storm
(Getting some trigger warnings out of the way: TWs for skin picking, emotional breakdowns, head hitting, yandere behavior, possessive behavior, potential manipulation, c...
Yₒᵤ'ᵣₑ ₘy ₘₑₗₒdy  by cutienana8
Yₒᵤ'ᵣₑ ₘy ₘₑₗₒdy by cutienana8
As the BF's older cousin and music maker, you've been helping and supporting him during all the raps battles to let him win his GF. When all official raps ended at 6th w...
~ Whitty Oneshots/Headcanons ~ by WriterNeko13
~ Whitty Oneshots/Headcanons ~by {?}
Just compilations of Whitty because I'm a simp :) Requests are open I guess, just please be as specific as possible with what you would like me to write if you do reques...
" estrangered " | whitruv  by AReallyDumbLiar
" estrangered " | whitruv by calvin/cal/caleb
Art is not mine❗❗ YUH HERE I AM COMEBACK WITH ANOTHER WHITRUV BOOK😻 I know ive literally been "i left you on read" as a person on wattpad since like early thi...
•• FNF ONSESHOTS •• by vampiiiric
•• FNF ONSESHOTS ••by 💌𝖛𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖎𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖈 !!
get freaky on a friday night yeah! Being close to the fnf characters,being in romantic and platonic relationships,yep! That is what this book is about! Enjoy reading thi...
Just a random FNF book by LazerQuartz101
Just a random FNF bookby Dizzy
welcome mother truckers to FunkTown 🤠🤠 cover: jamjambino (Pinterest) this book has art stuff, fnf ocs/sonas, other shiz this has a lot of dave and bambi, sometimes whi...
Exploding Love (Whitty x Reader) [DISCONTINUED] by FourBFBgirl
Exploding Love (Whitty x Reader) [...by Cabby
I made this as a joke don't come at me 😭😭😭😭
FNF Oneshots by Jay_Da_Writer
FNF Oneshotsby Jay_J
Just one-shots that I had written when I was bored, and to just practice my writing style. ... Art Cover: DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, AT ALL. I can't draw, well I can decentl...
Friday Night Funkin boys x Reader by WolfyFnfGirl
Friday Night Funkin boys x Readerby Wolfy Girl
Helloooo, wattpader fams. I will do Friday night funkin boys because i haven't done this before, so in this story. You met agoti, aldryx, whitty and tabi when you let th...
[Whitty x Ruv; Love Is A Strange Concept,,] by h0nk__
[Whitty x Ruv; Love Is A Strange C...by Jevil :-)
im making this out of boredom :-),, [there may be some inappropriate content in this story,, not necessarily lemon,, most likely mentions]
Leave me be (A Whitty x OC) by FantasyWorld0918
Leave me be (A Whitty x OC)by FantasyWorld
Story Preview: Whitty watched in stunned silence as one by one his friends disappeared. He felt Sabrina's grip on his hand tighten. "Whitty..." She said shaki...
Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by _Baby_Dee_
Wrong Place at the Wrong Timeby ^S!nséar-Arán^
Ruv tells Sarv that he going for a walk eventually he gets to an alleyway and something caught his eye a huge man? He could not really make it out but then sees a dead...
The Tale Of Unknown by Dokki_Tokki_Lokki
The Tale Of Unknownby Tokki
Whitty,Applebloom and Ruv went to everfree forest (this is Crossover fanfic) to get some very unique apple that Apple bloom wanted to plant.When Whitty and Apple bloom...
Ms. Hooter's Classroom by SubzeroArchive
Ms. Hooter's Classroomby MOVED
A little classroom all came together because of Ms. Hooter and Mr. Whitty. But there are even deeper secrets inside the class, all to the point where no one knows what r...
💣💥Bomb Go Boom Boom💥💣 Whitty x fem!reader by Sherryhasissues
💣💥Bomb Go Boom Boom💥💣 Whitty x...by 💛Shiba buns💛
Yes the title is dumb and all but uh I thought it would be funny- but I can assure you this is no joke book this is a actual fanfic💖 so in this the reader is also fem b...
The story with a girl and a parasite by Aphywritinggirl
The story with a girl and a parasi...by Aphy the idiot
Well this story is a story with an au. Well I thought what if like I would make a story with Ruby from the starlight mayhem mod and the parasite from the brightside mod...
Motherboard (Hex FNF Mpreg) by hexballs
Motherboard (Hex FNF Mpreg)by hex balls
(this is all a joke i hope at least..😳)
fnf chatroom by papieworkie
fnf chatroomby 𝑃𝑎𝑝𝑖𝑒♡︎
sjsjsjjs first fnf chatroom or-?😳 don't mind the cover,it's all i have i now radicallyno-Bf lovelyaesthetic-Gf picopicogun-Pico skiddyplop-Skid poompyskoddy-Pump sakura...