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Crush Images by Pigs_Can_Flyy
Crush Imagesby *Finger guns*
This is a book Is a bunch of ideas that I think of that might happen So enjoy. You can leave me ideas and yeah enjoy BAIIIIIII I would just like to point out that the on...
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Legolas X Reader Stories by thearrowsoflegolas
Legolas X Reader Storiesby Official Human Disaster (TM)
A collection of my Legolas / Reader stories from my tumblr blog, imaginelegolas. There's something for everyone in here, so have a meander, hopefully you'll find someth...
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Age does not matter(BTS FANFIC) by yelowemon
Age does not matter(BTS FANFIC)by 🌻It's Lemon✨
warning this story contains sexual stuff.. INTRO~ Hana Santos. She's a Filipino Girl who really want's to be a well known kpop star just because she want's to meet his b...
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Fighting For You | Namjin Fanfiction by Im_Anneee
Fighting For You | Namjin Fanficti...by MaCeCeda
"Let's Divorce."
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Under Emison Beat by Ninabluesky
Under Emison Beatby Nina Bluesky
Collection of One shots & mini stories - Alison and Emily - Emison. Most of the stories and scenarios will be inspired by songs (music). Some of them will be happy, funn...
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My Love Dream Come True| Zeyu Fanfiction by FadilaTengku
My Love Dream Come True| Zeyu Fanf...by Fadila Tengku
a young girl hiding her love for a young man, from not only her sister, but all her friends and family. But as she grows up, her life is slowly changing into her first l...
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Sonic is a PRINCE?! (Sonamy story) by TheMusicalOtaku
Sonic is a PRINCE?! (Sonamy story)by TheMusicalOtaku
A book of an old ship, filled with cringe.
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Karma - SS (Rajveer - Naina) by Tanu_1608
Karma - SS (Rajveer - Naina)by Tanu sharma
This is a short story on our very own Rajveer & Naina.... Hope u guys like it....
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" Hurt For Being In Love " (Jibea/Jholiz) by lovernihellokitty
" Hurt For Being In Love " (Jibea...by Queen Morrieanne
Kaya mo bang mag mahal muli kung nasaktan kana ? Kaya mo bang mahalin muli ang taong minsan nang nanakit sayo ?
dying to be skinny ~ Written by my friend mae xx by prittypixie
dying to be skinny ~ Written by my...by PrittyPixie
The pressures of being Liam paynes girlfriend is almost unbearable. The only problem is Liam doesn't seem to be noticing the change in appetite but can one of the other...
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They Don't Know About Us by IWalkAloneInTheRain
They Don't Know About Usby IWalkAloneInTheRain
Joanna is a spy who works for the WSA (Worldwide Spy Agency). One day she meets a spy from TS, the agency who is also on the good side but is their competition. The two...
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Fictional World  by Being_devil
Fictional World by Devil
A book of fictional one shots.
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Fox Of Ages Represents : Ocpidia by TheFoxOfAges
Fox Of Ages Represents : Ocpidiaby TheFoxOfAges
Each chapter will be introducing new character with their potential new story that I will be writing , mostly are consisted of Fanfictions regarding animes or DC. The p...
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My 5 new Best Friends! by Kaitlynwooton13
My 5 new Best Friends!by kaitlynwaitlyn847
My 5 new Best Friends! By: Kaitlyn Wooton Please do not copy my story I have worked hard on it. I don't copy yours so why copy mine? Anyways Comment and Vote! That would...
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Into The Anime World by echostorm1
Into The Anime Worldby echostorm1
I'm not very good with summarys so you just have to read and find out. Ps: I do not own naruto, fairy tail, one piece, black butler, pictures and other worlds
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IS IT LOVE? - a Draco Malfoy FanFiction by nieveyyyy
IS IT LOVE? - a Draco Malfoy FanFi...by nieve
When Nieve meets Draco she intrigued. when she finds out more about her true past, will their relationship fail or succeed?
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BTS shorts by ggukiedreams
BTS shortsby tokki
A compilation of short Bangtan Fanfics - all members Current contents; ♡ A Pure Heart - Jimin - A hot guy at the laundromat catches your eye. He can't be that hard to a...
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