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I'm not too old for the Daycare (Sun/Moon X Reader) by GoldenDreemurr
I'm not too old for the Daycare (S...by Golden Dreemurr
{FINISHED} This is a Y/N story On your 14th birthday you're bored out of your mind and decide to visit the Freddy's Pizzaplex in town since you never go to visit it. Sun...
Just Too Shy by BunnySlice
Just Too Shyby bunneroll
A very shy little girl named Sorrel is forced to go to the Mega Pizzaplex with her mother. Sorrel being scared of the animatronics, tries her best to avoid being around...
Sun x Moon (and Eclipse maybe) Oneshots by 3ternal_3clipse
Sun x Moon (and Eclipse maybe) One...by 3ternal 3clipse
This is mostly for me to practice writing. Enjoy, or don't. Oh hey, I write Sun x Moon (x Eclipse) sometimes. I don't have an upload schedule. I just upload whenever I w...
Sun x Moon one shots 🌗 by fvck_l1f3
Sun x Moon one shots 🌗by Ray
Basically, just one-shots of Moon and Sun from FnaF Security Breach, Idk I just think the ship looks cute. This will contain Top Sun, Bottom Moon, implied self-harm, and...
You Are My Sunshine ~ (Sundrop x Moondrop) by YinYangDragons02
You Are My Sunshine ~ (Sundrop x M...by YinYangDragons
(Cover art made by me) Moondrop has a special surprise in store for Sundrop for Valentine's day and he wants to show Sun just how much he loves him. And while this 'surp...
Ask Sunrise and Moondrop! | FNaF Daycare Attendant RP by -lemonxlime-
Ask Sunrise and Moondrop! | FNaF D...by 𝚊𝚌𝚎.
in which... You guys ask the daycare attendants various questions and they try their best to answer (:
Sundrop X Moondrop~college Au by bugwritesshit
Sundrop X Moondrop~college Auby bug
~cover art, not mine!~ Sun has started his freshman year at college and runs into Moon who he's strangely fond of.
Sun drop and moondrop oneshots  by xx_marshymarsh
Sun drop and moondrop oneshots by LLP
This might be mainly smut but yeah
Daycare Madness [What if Gregory Stayed]  (Fnaf Security Breach) by MaskedChihuahua
Daycare Madness [What if Gregory S...by 🔪💀Masked💀🗡
Sun and moon thrown into chaos after a random kid named Gregory goes to the daycare seemingly left behind. After a realization they're in over they're heads and what is...
Sundrop(sunrise)/Moondrop Oneshots by Awful_Soul_
Sundrop(sunrise)/Moondrop Oneshotsby Awful_Soul_
This is just an Ideas dumb, as I have had so many ideas for this lately. i might do some x reader too, we will see.
Team is assembled by CinnamonBun35
Team is assembledby Cinnamon Bun
I want to say that there is a lot different from the canon. For example, Vanessa ≠ Vanny And here Vanessa is kinder (?) towards animatronics, and decided to help Freddy...
Broken Bells ~ Platonic Sun & Moon x Child Reader by TessaZarraHeart
Broken Bells ~ Platonic Sun & Moon...by Tessa Heart
Walking on tightropes can be a difficult task, especially for a child. It's near impossible to stay on long and the hard ground below does little more than leave bruises...
A New Life by BadassBeskar915
A New Lifeby Fav or Faz
Sun/Moon × Female!Reader You are a 28 Year old Woman who is a Redneck. You live on a 100 Acres of Land and plan to use it for your own Ranch. Which you will build during...
Defective Errors by CinnamonBun35
Defective Errorsby Cinnamon Bun
Gregory's friends were delighted. And he was happy for them. He even played some slot machines. And just when he decided to go home, the show started. Fanfiction began i...
The Moon's Sun by starstarhothot
The Moon's Sunby starstarhothot
Sun loved Moon. And Moon loved Sun. They were an inseparable pair who had been through many hardships and pain before coming to live in the Pizzeplex. Now a new challeng...
Sun and Moon by Someone_cool153
Sun and Moonby Someone_cool153
This is a random story I thought of because I don't have a life and I've fallen back into my Fnaf phase, so enjoy this story I guess...please give me ideas I don't know...
My hearts missing piece is you| Sun x Moon | Human! Au by fvck_l1f3
My hearts missing piece is you| Su...by Ray
"We understand death only after it has placed it's hands on someone we love"-Anne L. de Stael
The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars by Plagued_Alien
The Sun, The Moon, and The Starsby Plagued Alien
Life hasn't been great. You're 19, got fired from your last job, living off ramen and crackers, and your roommate barely makes enough money for the bills. But to your s...
FNaF Head Canons by Spelt_Like_Words
FNaF Head Canonsby Jaz
Me giving Head canons abt only FNaF related characters or other!😁