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Stray Kids: Their Girl by Ambergreyson334
Stray Kids: Their Girlby 𝓼𝓶𝓸𝓵𝓶𝓲𝓷☕🍯🍮
JYP Entertainment decided to look for a personal assistant for their biggest boy band: Stray Kids. The only problem is, who would be fit for the job? It would be tedious...
I'm not too old for the Daycare (Sun/Moon X Reader) by GoldenDreemurr
I'm not too old for the Daycare (S...by Golden Dreemurr
{FINISHED} This is a Y/N story On your 14th birthday you're bored out of your mind and decide to visit the Freddy's Pizzaplex in town since you never go to visit it. Sun...
Your personal Fun time (Fun time foxy x reader femeal ) by StarFnafLover
Your personal Fun time (Fun time f...by Star☆
I don't really see that much fun time foxy x y/n so I did this and it's my first story ( sorry for my englis if i made some mistakes I am so sorry ) I will add some of y...
The Dragon's Treasure Outtakes by FanonStar
The Dragon's Treasure Outtakesby FanonStar
This is a collection of scenes that may in the Marauders Era, or in the Golden Trio Era of our story. For whatever reasons these scenes do not fit into the story line. *...
What Eyes Can't See (Eremin) by eddiecullen2
What Eyes Can't See (Eremin)by eddiecullen2
Armin has always stumbled through his life. He never felt normal. When he meets a kind and spunky boy named Eren who works at a local coffee shop, he begins to realize t...
(ON HIATUS) PurplePhone Fanfic // Vincent x Scott by PhanGirlMacKy
(ON HIATUS) PurplePhone Fanfic...by Emily MacKinnon
I don't know why I love him. He is nothing more than a murderer. But what's wrong with that? // In a Five Nights at Freddy's Alternate Universe where Scott (aka Phone...
Just Because| b.ugner au by Morganaallen
Just Because| b.ugner auby Morgan
"Just because they say those things doesn't mean that they're true." He whispered to me and I quickly looked down when he tried to look into my eyes. "Ye...
FNAF Freddy X animatronic! reader by KatlinCat
FNAF Freddy X animatronic! readerby KatlinCat
Ok so this is my first story so yea! go easy on me if you think its bad alright? Anyways, I haven't seen any animatronic reader x anyone stuff so I'm making one! anyways...
Gaped Jaws by ComixTaco
Gaped Jawsby ComixTaco
A young girl experiences a traumatising event in the year 1997 at Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. 10 Years later she visits the old, abandoned place to commemorate her fathers...
Is it a virus? = FNAF Fanfic by magicmitten
Is it a virus? = FNAF Fanficby magicmitten
I decided to play five night's at freddy's two, so I could stop being such a wuss. It was really addicting and I completed night 4. I went over to night 5 and things sta...
Payback? H.S. by styles_smiless
Payback? H.S.by styles_smiless
Heather is the new girl in a small town in Illinois. Everything is going normal until she runs into her neighbor's garage door...
Adopted by idiots by GrimTheReaper_
Adopted by idiotsby Grimasaurus Rex
(Smosh fanfic) Olivia's sister kills her parents, so she is sent to an orphanage where she is adopted by smosh. She learns the reason her sister killed her parents and...
The Flower's Romance || ✓ by Faithienss
The Flower's Romance || ✓by Faith
A tragic tale told in three acts || A crossover of the Arthurian Universe and Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream When Titania, the queen on the Faeries, loses her hus...
Foxy's Chance [Five Nights at Freddy's FanFiction] by GirlSoVintage
Foxy's Chance [Five Nights at Fred...by Grace Spruce
{Incomplete : Fully edited : Daily Posting} Foxy is always in the shadows. She never gets her chance to shine, stuck as one of Freddy's minions, her Bonnie and Chica mus...
Gumdrop~~Jack Dylan Grazer by OHH_SCHNAPP
Gumdrop~~Jack Dylan Grazerby OHH_SCHNAPP
You know that you want to read this
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria by AmandaAkemi331
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeriaby AmandaAkemi331
Mike Schmidt is new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Will he survive his first week on the job?
An Odd Family Version 2.0 by Slither06
An Odd Family Version 2.0by Slither06
So, what happens when you throw a rejected and abused girl, a perverted serial killer, a fuck boy, a high school jock, a geek, an innocent teenager, and a more-of-a-pare...