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The Strongest Owner! by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Strongest Owner!by ThefamousfilmsFandom
bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3 ALSO STORY PIC MADE B...
TheFamousFilms FNAF One-shots 2.0 by iroman152
TheFamousFilms FNAF One-shots 2.0by iroman 16
I'm trying picking up where I left off for you guys! So just so you know I'm not doing anything smutty (at least not that often) and I do take requests but it'll probabl...
Fnia Nights Of Love And Fright by MikeTheFniaFan
Fnia Nights Of Love And Frightby FniaFan666
A Teen named Kyle that was AGE 18 who had a terrible past needs a job and comes to the Anime Convention in hope of getting a job just to notice the animatronics are movi...
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (Not Being Rewriten) by coast_walker
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (Not B...by A-Panic-Party
(cover art done by me) Give this book a chance!! (The book is mature because there will be some violence) Bryan's hurt mentally and he hasn't healed one bit. How could...
Do you remeber? (Finnished)  by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
Do you remeber? (Finnished) by GalaxyWolfyFoxy
This takes place in the Freddyland. The twisted animatronic's are always coming and they want the secret from Bryan and he dosen't know what it is. What happens when the...
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Recontinued || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten ||...by Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
Cussing? Yep. Possible triggers? Hopefully not. Ships sailing? Yep. *This book is a Bryan X Molten book* #1 in fnaf6 : 11/29/2020 #6 in JonJon: 12/27/2020 10.6k reads :...
Memories Before Freddy Land//The Famous Films by GrandRobin
Memories Before Freddy Land//The F...by GrandRobin
⚠️I changed the story line in the first episodes a bit⚠️ Showtime Bryan and some other animatronics go to an old town,where Bryan and his family used to live, to try and...
Trap In Place (Ask or Dare) Story by oenimi
Trap In Place (Ask or Dare) Storyby
The crew and them are having a normal day at the park until one day they all decided to do something different.... which only led closer to the end of the day with the c...
yandere Lefty x Molten (TheFamousFilmsFNAF 7) by NovaTheBear
yandere Lefty x Molten (TheFamousF...by NovaTheBear
yaoi (maybe,not sure yet there probably will be so times where they mentione making love in a sexual way) hope you enjoy the book!
The famous films one-shots by kmb2009
The famous films one-shotsby Suzy Sheep 🐑🐑
Random one-shots of the famous films. Season 3 of FNAF 6 & 7 is okay. OoO is also allowed, along with fto
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms) by specialsnowflakeuser
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms)by specialsnowflakeuser
Bryan=C.C//Chris afton (I know he said he isn't chris)
Thefamousfilms fnaf oneshots(Discontinued)  by CatGamingLove
Thefamousfilms fnaf oneshots(Disco...by IAmMadeOfSelfHate
PLEASE DON'T FRICIN READ THIS! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T! This isn't some plot to make you wanna read it more I ACTUALLY don't want you to! It sucks and please just le...
The Thefamousfilms one shots by XxXAverYXxX456
The Thefamousfilms one shotsby Avery Jackson
I will take smut, lemon, fluff and others!!
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A TheFamousFilms Fan-made Story) by GhostChildEmi
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A TheFamousFi...by Emily Winter
What if Bryan was from a different world and had people he called FAMILY there? What if he came here to have a job like the Molten from his Universe had? What if Bryan...
The Inky Owner[On Hiatus/On Hold] by trashyInsomniac
The Inky Owner[On Hiatus/On Hold]by Insomnia Freak
[On Hiatus] What If Bryan Films was actually Henry Stein from BATIM...? Cover Belongs to Me TheFamousFilms Fnaf7 Series Belongs to TheFamousFilms Fnaf belongs to Scott C...
Twisted Fun\||/TheFamousFilms various x Female Reader by Ace2Kawaii
Twisted Fun\||/TheFamousFilms vari...by Ace2Kawaii
You have decided to come to Freddy's land which has just opened. What will happen if you run into something you shouldn't have know about? See what happens! UwU hope you...
What hes hiding.... by Kikithewolf17
What hes hiding....by Kiki
This is a story about OoO Bryan trying to fit in with the people around him after getting trapped in the human realm, can he keep his secret..?
Like Father, Like son by springtrapisbest
Like Father, Like sonby Molten Lushara Afton Films
Bryan's been humming a song he's known forever, he doesn't know why he hums it, but he's still doing it he can picture the story behind the humming he does His father, w...