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Meh  by yo-mama
Meh by R~ 🥀 
Just read 💀
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Part-time Avocado by WriteSansDroict
Part-time Avocadoby Violet Kennedy
Someone needs to say it. So I will. Not because I can, or god forbid, want to. No. Because it is my duty in this world, as a part-time avocado.
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BNHA 30 day challenge  by pineappleJuice_Cos
BNHA 30 day challenge by Cosplayerrrrrrr
30 questions 30 days The question is will I remember 😂
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lukewarmpasta x Nagito Komaeda by BNHAfangirl2008
lukewarmpasta x Nagito Komaedaby Ok kinner🍇🏁🐀
like my Bailey x Kokichi one but also not I'm going to hate myself for this it's just going to be cracK- (Also sorry the cover sucks)
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my diary by imkindofedgybutsoft
my diaryby eva
literally the title
well yeesus macdeesus by earth-to-miki
well yeesus macdeesusby . m i j o i .
ashpujhfbfjrebihfergfuierfuire fuire? Yes, you read that last part right. FRUIT
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Tag! I'm it!  by -copykitten
Tag! I'm it! by 🧶; KING
Sorry not sorry to all people I will tag. >:]
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hahaha jk unless? by Spo0on
hahaha jk unless?by your grandma
only one chapter out 👺 I totally take this seriously so don't forget to vote 🤑
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Shrek X Donald Trump by ThatOneStupidCunt
Shrek X Donald Trumpby That One BRUH Moment
Shrek wants to give Trump a good time( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Thoughts by jacobdonoghue
Thoughtsby jacobdonoghue
Yo I'm a big brain thinker yk so I'm gunna say what's on my mind on here since no one else Wahhabism to hear it
Gone by Veggiesarepower
Goneby Yeehaw my dudes
"I guess I can get through it. And well, if I can? you can too!" A story of a girl named Aria who needs to get her life together- Yeah, basically what it is b...
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Paranoia by GiveMeARefund
Paranoiaby big gay
another countryhumans x reader woot woot so uh- how's it going? good? great. bad? ...ungreat? aahah. :) ok nvm that's weird. this story is fast pace and the countryhuman...
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My Death Day by Sophsoph123soph
My Death Dayby Sophia
Brie doesn't feel loved. She feels like she doesn't matter. So theirs nothing to live for. She has no friends and no love and nothing that she's interested in. And then...
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My shit life by weeb_in_training1
My shit lifeby Drunkass_weed
Just me ranting and asking for advice
Rants n' Crap by DeathConsumeMe420
Rants n' Crapby DeathConsumeMe
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Ranting and Loving  by anesaf
Ranting and Loving by charmingsoul
We are Born like this Into this Into these carefully mad wars Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness Into bars where people no longer speak to each other ...
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face reveal book by the_yandere_killer
face reveal bookby Avi
ugly ass = me
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The Adventures of Thomas and Mystic  by MysticShippper
The Adventures of Thomas and Mystic/Tommy
Hello there dear reader!! As you can see this a recording of all of Thomas and Mystic's Adventures. Who are these people? Well Thomas is the creator, a being that made t...
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Creepypastas x Sorceress Reader by Little_Apricot
Creepypastas x Sorceress Readerby Little_Apricot
Y/N is a sorceress. She found out in a rather... odd... way.. She loves to make potions, do spells, and most of all help children, which she prefers to call 'adorab...
Hypersexual:A Todobakudeku fanfic by shittyglasses07
Hypersexual:A Todobakudeku fanficby F u n k y
Alrighty! Me and @tomshairnamedsteve spent a good 4 hours writing...this. Okay but we actually had a lot of fun writing this and it's NOT OVER. ((❗️TRIGGER WARNING: Nsfw...
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