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BNHA Lemons by KorikasaiTodoroki
BNHA Lemonsby KoriKasai
Read da title. ⚠️ All gay
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Countryhumans X Reader by GiveMeARefund
Countryhumans X Readerby big gay
Another one, yes i know. I had an idea for this one, but changed it a little. This time, you are a country, except you have been hidden for so long until one day, that f...
Wattpad clichés vs. Reality by sonofahorseshoe
Wattpad clichés vs. Realityby Zaaki
Its self explanatory
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𝕀 𝕃𝕍 𝕐 𝕆 𝕌 | Vkook by RecyclableTrashCan
𝕀 𝕃𝕍 𝕐 𝕆 𝕌 | Vkookby JMars
"She just confessed to me and I kindly decline,nothing else! " "Why are you telling me that? " "I don't know Kim Taehyung,why do you think I tol...
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Haikyuu Crack  by FancyClazzy
Haikyuu Crack by iwa daddy
This drug contains Haikyuu ≫ memes ≫ crack ≫ my thoughts on haikyuu ≫ images ≫ too much IwaOi Consume this with caution Is haikyuu the one on cRaCk. 0r iSiT mE. *Ther...
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Pictures of Will Ryan (DAGames) by Theuwumistress
Pictures of Will Ryan (DAGames)by Will is best bottom uwu
I hate my life so i made this.
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Honey-Lemon (Discontinued) by SeasonallySweet
Honey-Lemon (Discontinued)by Setsuna Tokage
°°His Honey-Lemon taste is a drug to me. . . I can't stop myself anymore°° BNHA - MHA Fanfic ShinDeku Started: 05/19/18 1009pm Ended: --/--/--
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CountryHumans x reader oneshots *discontinued for now* by DuolingoBirb
CountryHumans x reader oneshots * DuolingoBirb
Broskies I wrote this back in January and through the summer. My writing was shit
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•Countryhumans One-Shots• (DISCONTINUED) by Leo-nell
•Countryhumans One-Shots• ( Call me æ
This book will have countries x reader. It won't have country x country. u don't like u don't read. I have school and writers block a lot, so please don't push me and g...
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Countryhumans X Reader || Chains by GiveMeARefund
Countryhumans X Reader || Chainsby big gay
In this story, you experiment of sorts. Taken at a young age, you grew to only know three colors, forgetting what the real world was like. Your emotions control...
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𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝, thirteen reasons why. ⁽ ᶜᵒᵐⁱⁿᵍ ˢᵒᵒⁿ ⁾ by holycometz
𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝, thirteen reasons ━ 𝐄.
━ 𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐃. ❝ DID YOU KNOW THE RUMORS ? ❞ thirteen reasons why fanfiction ...
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Living the Bullied Life by sarahthenerd1
Living the Bullied Lifeby sarahthenerd1
I'm now an 8th grader and I'm still being bullied at school because I'm short, a nerd, and just plain weird. I hate being bullied but too scared to tell anyone because I...
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Chaos Theory by samseaa
Chaos Theoryby snoggletog time
[Lloyd Garmadon X Reader] They thought that they'd live happily ever after. •Sequel to The Butterly Effect• !! Art by me !!
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Vkook smuts by PochiYeong
Vkook smutsby p e a c h i e
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Please Don't Go [David Dobrik} {D.D x N.N} |✔️| Completed by the_aesthetic_cloud
Please Don't Go [David Dobrik} { An aesthetic person [ ビテキ~]
David Dobrik a boy with mental problems and health problems, now what if a girl tries to help him but fails find out Natalie's reaction to her crush's secret *The first...
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impossible year; rants by matter-of-law
impossible year; rantsby kevin price
the word of the lord
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The Kill Files by Sleep_Deprived_Gay
The Kill Filesby sℓεερ_∂ερяιvε∂_ραη
Three teenagers are confined to a house as The Purge roars on in the background. Their defenses are low and their alarm is high. Will they make it?
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Lemons Bc Idfk by marvul
Lemons Bc Idfkby Marvul
Ask cross and nm
Ari's Book of Poor Life Decisions by Ari_XOXO13
Ari's Book of Poor Life Decisionsby Salt girl
I make poor life decisions and then post them in here
Art book by Lizie49
Art bookby TheMagnificentLiz
Idk the cover is just a warm welcome to this hellhole from Ink
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