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The flower crown. (AU. Punk!Louis-FlowerChild!Harry) by UnusuallyNotTall
The flower crown. (AU. Punk!Louis...by UnusuallyNotTall
Harry was gentle, an angel for everyone who knew him. Harry was tall, really tall. He had an slender body, but not in a unhealthy way; he was well built, his long torso...
don't you mind? // l.s by -arataqa
don't you mind? // l.sby eli
in which louis doesn't have enough tattoos to cover up his scars and harry's just a cuddly flower boy who wants to protect him. larry. inprogress
Unintentional Love (Larry AU) by onenipplesummer
Unintentional Love (Larry AU)by Clifford.
Louis is a punk guy and Harry is a mute by choice and a nerd/flower child. They are total opposites. But opposites attract right? Maybe they attract but not without a...
let's run. - l.s. by hlfics
let's run. - l.s.by k
"Lou?" Harry whispered. "Hm" "I want us to run away tonight." or Harry Styles, a feminine 17 year old, goes to Louis Tomlinson's house ever...
Because You're Beautiful by ShelbyMichealsen
Because You're Beautifulby Shelby Michealsen
Harry was the queer. Always wearing flower crowns and trying to stay out of trouble. But what happens when punk rocker Louis moves to town and only goal is to be friends...
Flower Tattoos by daddystreet
Flower Tattoosby </3
Louis groaned and reached for his phone after hearing, or rather feeling, it vibrate. He looked at the screen and furrowed his eyebrows, why would an unknown number cal...
Pure- Punk!Louis/ Flower Child!Harry by eatreadwritesleep
Pure- Punk!Louis/ Flower Child!Har...by eatreadwritesleep
In which Louis is an angry and fed up misunderstood punk who finds himself in the company of a very beautiful and very naked boy with a crown of flowers on his head. Whi...
FATE (A Larry Stylinson Story) by domlouissubharry
FATE (A Larry Stylinson Story)by domlouissubharry
Some of you vote that Louis Tomlinson is the bottom but you are wrong.Despite being one or two inches smaller than you said Harry Styles being a womanizer‚ that's the se...
Flower- Larry Stylinson punk!louis flower child!harry by nevermind-larry
Flower- Larry Stylinson punk!louis...by Issy
Harry found Louis very attractive. He was tall, lean, muscly and covered in tattoos. He looked so rough and manly to Harry. Louis found Harry very attractive. He was sm...
Abnormal // l.s by unicornxlarryy
Abnormal // l.sby Heaven
Harry Styles. There's something weird about him and everyone at school sees it. He doesn't have any friends, he's ignored, he sits alone at lunch, and the weirdest thing...
harry style is a 16 year old boy who loves to dress girly make him feel "pretty" he and his family move to doncaster, from cheshire because of harry previous...
Valiant❇Larry AU by captainofbullshit
Valiant❇Larry AUby Heyo
Louis Tomlinson is the school's most well known delinquent with too many tattoos to count. He insults almost anything in his way, everyone fears him. But not Harry. Nope...
flower boy | l.s by blushylouis
flower boy | l.sby caitlin 。:.゚ஐ⋆*
~2015~ harry is a boy who fonds over flowers and poetry. he finds beauty in everything around him, especially the boy with the pixie features. "but my dear, you ar...
Larry stylinson (One shots) by hazzaisthebae1313
Larry stylinson (One shots)by hazzaisthebae1313
So hi I guess. I'm here to write one shots about larry stylinson. I'm going to be writing about them in any way my wonderful mind want nah jokes I'll write what comes to...
Working On It by demons__inside
Working On Itby Cydie/Logan
Just a bunch of teenage dirtbags in high school. They face problems that not every high schooler faces. They go through many ups and downs. Falling in love and falling i...
Punk Flowers (Larry Stylinson One Shot) by go1directionorgohome
Punk Flowers (Larry Stylinson One...by Melissa Stylinson
Louis works in a tattoo shop and is your typical punk. Piercings, lots of tattoos, eyeliner, etc. But he's not mean. In fact, the only time he IS mean is if he needs to...