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The Friendship Moment by Letsplay21
The Friendship Momentby Paddy 👻👻👻
[ALSO AVAILABLE ON MANGATOON] Paddy (Me) have teleported to Flipline World, but when he exploring the Oniontown, He just found a new friend and then becoming best friend...
Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl: The Remake by PyroHydromancer
Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and...by ThatGuyintheAmino
At the Flipline museum, where ancient and/or digital relics of the past stay for display, something particular captures Taylor's eye. A shining green diamond. He wanted...
Flipline Oneshots by shadow-queen-the-cat
Flipline Oneshotsby CC
A collection of drabbles based around Flipline Studio's Papa Louie franchise. None of these are really connected. Every character here is based on my headcanons so they...
Papa Louie: Customer Couples by Shawna0609
Papa Louie: Customer Couplesby Shawna0609
A series of romantic one-shots for scenarios between my favorite ships and couples from the Papa Louie games.
FLIPLINE THE SERIES by JaydenAnimation17
FLIPLINE THE SERIESby JaydenAnimation17
Journey into the world of the Flipverese where you will see residents take on challenges such as Work, School, Dating, Relationships, Fighting Enemies, and more, explore...
Shousse Oneshots by Shawna0609
Shousse Oneshotsby Shawna0609
This contains a series of cute one-shots for my self-insert ship with Mousse.
Why are you here? by shadow-queen-the-cat
Why are you here?by CC
Takes place after the events of Papa Louie Three. Radlynn stays behind in MunchMore after Radley is defeated in hopes of being able to befriend him. The poor guy doesn't...
Papa Louie's Games in Real Life by Papa_Louie
Papa Louie's Games in Real Lifeby Papa_Louie
What if Papa's Gamerias were real? Lets explore from the Donuteria all the way to the Wingeria. Feel free to request a restaurant. Oh yeah, also this is very poorly writ...
Flipline Story: The Cookie Sundae! by Letsplay21
Flipline Story: The Cookie Sundae!by Paddy 👻👻👻
Cookie Sundae? Seems like the new Papa's Scooperia will open soon! Let's fill this hot summer with eating some fresh from the oven cookie with the cold and icy Ice Cream...
Coolmathgames Crossovers by PyroHydromancer
Coolmathgames Crossoversby ThatGuyintheAmino
This is a compilation of short stories (even though they look a lot like dramas lol) I made with ideas I came up with, Coolmath related. I can accept ideas from comments...
Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and Watergirl by LuqmanulhakimBooks
Flipline: The Curse of Fireboy and...by AwesomeBlue
When Taylor is about to get green diamond, unknown villain has stolen the green diamond, the wall has opened to enter the forest temple, he enters the forest temple. Tay...
Grepunzel (a Flipline Fan Fiction) by TiramisuEspresso
Grepunzel (a Flipline Fan Fiction)by Tiramisu Espresso
Basically a Rapunzel knockoff with Flipline Studios characters Gremmie, Sasha, and Cecilia, with some gender role reversal a lot more trolliness than the original fairy...
My headcanons by chillsoda
My headcanonsby Shan
This is headcanons of any character from any series, game, etc. that I like and my thoughts for them.
Psychopath Under the Rain by Letsplay21
Psychopath Under the Rainby Paddy 👻👻👻
We have to stop them... Psychopath Under the Rain is killing many peoples from each cities! We start our day by receiving a news about a murder. First of all, we think t...
Besties at the Island by Letsplay21
Besties at the Islandby Paddy 👻👻👻
We're pranking too much until we all trapped to an island, but Me, Mousse and Akari still hating Evil Robby, at the Island, we're trying to find way out while Evil Robby...