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Conspirare | Menyingkap Tabir Dunia by andrianchun
Conspirare | Menyingkap Tabir Duniaby andrianchun
Hanya ada dua pilihan yang topeng tawarkan: Melihat, atau membukanya. . . . Pertama rilis tanggal 25 Juni 2018 Diperbaharui setiap ada enigma yang terenkripsi
Spirit Whirled: July's End with Black Swans by GreatTide
Spirit Whirled: July's End with Bl...by GreatTide
This is a sample chapter from my latest novel that was released on June 21, 2020. If you like subjects such as numerology, gematria, astrology, ancient knowledge, gnosti...
The day it all changed by MoBear06
The day it all changedby MoBear06
It changed mk that's it nothing else
the final barrier - hp au by RoseMellark4711
the final barrier - hp auby lol rainbows
it's 2030, and everyone, save for eight teens, has suddenly disappeared, overnight. they're the last humans on earth...unless they can find away over the final barrier. ...
Astrix by DeadlyTutsieRoll
Astrixby Phoenix 🐦
The boarder of the earth is strictly forbidden. You'll fall off.. it's a weird way to go.. The earth is flat. a map is exactly what the earth looks like. I cant help thi...
Harry Styles the Flat Earther by xthefandomxx
Harry Styles the Flat Eartherby xthefandomxx
From the outside he seemed like a normal guy - cute smile, curly hair and green eyes - but no one could have known that underneath his mask, there was a twisted person w...
The Lizard People by RobTheTheorist
The Lizard Peopleby RobTheTheorist
A young man, Rob, is approached by a tall mysterious man who tells them the truth about the government. This. changes. everything
All The Way Around by CalsarC
All The Way Aroundby CalsarC
Is the Earth round? Does God exist? Do questions matter? The Pilot aims to find out.
My theory on a flat Earth by MinamFacient
My theory on a flat Earthby MinamFacient
I love science. It is what drives me to explore mor beautiful and interesting things. In this documentary sort of novel, I intend to write about how the Earth can never...
extensional life crisis: research papers by nEBulAfREak
extensional life crisis: research...by racoon
just some shitty research i wrote at 3am
Flat earth memes!!!! by WHPA_01
Flat earth memes!!!!by The Wildehopps Protection Age...
I told ya I was gonna do it! Now I'm doin' it!
True Science: A Critique of Dangerous Beliefs by Sky_the_Scholar
True Science: A Critique of Danger...by Learn Anything
Written by a biology undergraduate who's ready to fight for the truth.
Flat Lunacy: a Flat Earth Comedy by Tim Ozman by TimOzman4
Flat Lunacy: a Flat Earth Comedy b...by Tim Ozman
Flat Lunacy, a Flat Earth Comedy is the story of Herbert Kurszenburger, a retired scientist who is driven to the edge of sanity by the flat earth theory and its proponen...
Flat Earth by RandomKnowledgeStuff
Flat Earthby RKF
Information about Flat Earth I don't own any of the images. Everything is used for educational reasons :)
flat earth theory by vroomandcry
flat earth theoryby vroomandcry
this is a short piece on why the earth is flat.
Values by NotTodayJerod
Valuesby Billy.Bob.Brown
Things are weird, different perspectives of things show different answers.
Flat Earth Reset: A Memoir Based on True Stories, by Tim Ozman by TimOzman4
Flat Earth Reset: A Memoir Based o...by Tim Ozman
A book about the years 2016-2022 and the Flat Earth.