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Trials of Love by Romance
Trials of Loveby Romance
Welcome to the Trials of Love Contest, the biggest Romance Collaboration! In this contest, we challenge you to write about obstacles that come along in love, where each...
  • ambassadors
  • collaboration
  • flashfic
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(PG-15) Malam Jumat di Kantor (First Season) by AdrienneMarsh
(PG-15) Malam Jumat di Kantor (Fir...by AdrienneMarsh Ni Omakase NANO...
Mungkin erotis, mungkin biasa. Kehidupan gadis-gadis kantor ini terlalu ideal untuk kehidupan nyata. Semua gambar oleh Maggot666: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=725...
  • maggot666
  • office
  • ol-chan
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Flash Fiction- Home Stretch! 250-500! by flashfic
Flash Fiction- Home Stretch! 250-5...by Flash Fiction
This is the place to enjoy Flash Fiction between 250 to 500 Words of all genres!
  • shortstory
  • flashfic
  • flash
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Adventures in Babysitting: Cisco Ramon Edition by FlashFanGirl333
Adventures in Babysitting: Cisco R...by Ariel
Barry goes off to fight and entrusts Cisco with watching his adopted daughter, Amanda. But how good at babysitting is the one who makes the toys?
  • babysitting
  • flash
  • ramon
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neighbors | barry allen//the flash by aquariuscat
neighbors | barry allen//the flashby jules
❝she was a girl that kept running into trouble, and he was a boy that just wanted to keep up❞ Clara James has just moved to Central City, right next door to the charming...
  • centralcity
  • allen
  • flashfic
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Everything I Wanted To Say But Never Did ✔ by originalverbivore
Everything I Wanted To Say But Nev...by Jessy
❝some things you can't put into words... so you make them into poems.❞ a WattPad Poetry featured collection of poetry and short stories * * * #99 in poetry (October 18...
  • flashfic
  • teen
  • weeklyprompt
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changing seasons (khc x mkh) by xcrossgene
changing seasons (khc x mkh)by CandY-ELF-VIP-Shawol
Kyunghoon and Heechul spend a year in each other's company and watch the world turn around them
  • superjunior
  • buzz
  • kyunghoon
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Historical Fiction Short Stories by lepus_leporis
Historical Fiction Short Storiesby rabbit
Since I write so many historical fiction short stories and I don't want fifty separate books on my account, they'll be compiled here. Stories are organized inside by yea...
  • flashfic
  • 1950s
  • 1910s
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Air Jelang Sore by AdrienneMarsh
Air Jelang Soreby AdrienneMarsh Ni Omakase NANO...
Mengintip keseharian mereka berdua lagi: Naoko kali ini menjadi model untuk gambar komisi klien pacarnya.
  • flashfic
  • cerpen
  • anime
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Memento mori: A Collection of Very Short Stories and Prose Poems by CamieElias
Memento mori: A Collection of Very...by Camie Elias
"Always be a poet, even in prose." ― Charles Baudelaire
  • prosepoems
  • flashfiction
  • microfiction
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late night. by Mels_write
late night.by Mels_write
yoongi got up from his bed and headed to the balcony to breath some fresh air and get his thoughts clear. or that was what he wanted to do. instead he heard strange nois...
  • yaoi
  • yoongi
  • sugakookie
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Locked Away-FlashFic (Completed) by BlueBudgie360
Locked Away-FlashFic (Completed)by BlueBudgie360
Barry is deemed unsafe by his friends and adoptive family. Little did the know, Barry has severe anxiety and panic attacks. How will he cope with being locked up by his...
  • harrisonwells
  • flash
  • jessie
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Kopi Jelang Pagi by AdrienneMarsh
Kopi Jelang Pagiby AdrienneMarsh Ni Omakase NANO...
Baru bangun, Neil ditawari kopi oleh Naoko. Gambar oleh Lynus (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1477342755744569&ref=br_rs)
  • ladies
  • flashfic
  • indonesia
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A Heart of Sea Glass | #JustWriteBits Entries by medievalmaide715
A Heart of Sea Glass | #JustWriteB...by Joye
A collection of original short stories for #JustWriteBits. All are my intellectual property. If I have written a fanfiction entry for the contest, it will be in my other...
  • justwritebits
  • flashfic
  • small
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Tsubasa RoMANCE CHRoNiCLE | Syaoran x Sakura Quotes by kurotsuba
Tsubasa RoMANCE CHRoNiCLE | Syaora...by Tsubasa Kurono
"Even if we repeat this tragic journey once more... The end of the beginning, Marks the beginning to everything." A collection of poetic quotes retelling Syaor...
  • syaoranxsakura
  • microfiction
  • poetry
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Cigarette Girl Saga by Carly3lizabeth
Cigarette Girl Sagaby Harley
Cigarette Girl has a tight hold on the narrator and through two poems and a short story their story of cigarette smoke and abuse is told.
  • domesticviolence
  • relationship
  • poetry
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Beryls and raindrops by purpleberyl
Beryls and raindropsby Kubby
Sadness is in you. Sadness is part of you. It's weighing you down, but you want to change; you don't want to be this way.... it's seems though, like the sadness will nev...
  • nigerian
  • flashfic
  • teen
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Susu Jelang Malam by AdrienneMarsh
Susu Jelang Malamby AdrienneMarsh Ni Omakase NANO...
1 pesan tidak terjawab. Gambar oleh Lynus: https://www.facebook.com/Lynus1717/
  • flashfic
  • anime
  • cinta
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Drooble's Best Blowing Gum {Bolle Bollenti} by IsidarMithrim6
Drooble's Best Blowing Gum {Bolle...by Isidar Mithrim
La straziante storia della famiglia Paciock vissuta attraverso tre brevi istanti, i tre momenti più significativi in cui Alice regalò l'involucro di una Drooble's Best B...
  • hogwarts
  • nevillepaciock
  • missingmoment
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I Miss You by MarozaSulaiman
I Miss Youby Maroza Sulaiman
Terinspirasi dari lagunya Westlife
  • flashfic
  • melody
  • ghaimel
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