Mi amor    •Flamingeo• by lilbrownieeee
Mi amor •Flamingeo•by ɛмιℓιɛ
A story in which two people fall deeply in love
  • flamingeo
My Bestfriends Brother  (flamingeos fanfic) by geo_is_bawm
My Bestfriends Brother (flamingeo...by geo_is_bawm
"So you wanna come over to my house" says Jenny (short for jennishka) In this story your bestfriend is Geo's sister but you never knew that and you were alway...
  • younow
  • smutfree
  • flamingeos
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{Forever Mine | A Flamingeos fanfic} by Youth01
{Forever Mine | A Flamingeos fanfi...by Fanban
By chance sequel After Courtney comes back from college her and Geo start to have more problems. Will they get past it or will they end it and break each other's hearts...
  • flamingeos
  • juwany
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Wrong Number/YouNowers by TiaLife
Wrong Number/YouNowersby Tia
When a girl gets put in a chat with a bunch of younowers. When she fall in love or will drama begin.
  • younowers
  • markthomas
  • mikeybarone
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Unexpected Love by loveforacutie
Unexpected Loveby M 🦋🌈🖤✨
idk how to feel anymore. i can't hide it anymore. i love you...
  • soft
  • juwany
  • lovestory
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Instagram;Flamingeo ft. Grayson Dolan{Completed} by thatgirlkawai
Instagram;Flamingeo ft. Grayson Do...by thatgirlkawai
I highly suggest reading my book "Instagram;Wesley Tucker ft. Flamingeo" before you read this one so you aren't confused:)
  • flamingeo
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My Best Friend(Hunter Rowland) by AestheticSlurp
My Best Friend(Hunter Rowland)by ✨✨✨
Rio and Hunter have been neighbors and best friends for the longest, but when Rio gets caught in proving someone wrong that all changes and it leads to drama and hate.
  • poms
  • jacobsartourius
  • 99goonsquad
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Snapchat | Flamingeos Fanfiction by biebgeo
Snapchat | Flamingeos Fanfictionby biebgeo
  • snapchat
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BAD TEENS CLUB 1: "SOCIAL MEDIA ED...by juicyyteaa
8 Girls and 8 Boys all with a fan base from today's society's social media apps enter the bad bitch club mansion. Will DRAMA explode? Will TENSION arise?
  • geo
  • ethandolan
  • lena
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A different kind of love Part 2 of "FlaminGeo fan fiction" by MsGilinskyCaylen
A different kind of love Part 2 of...by Destiny
Part 2 of "FlaminGeo fan fiction"
  • notsonewtothis
  • fanfic
  • part2
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It started with a trip | m.b & j.r by Voidjmb
It started with a trip | m.b & j.rby 🍯
Old friends that fell off but have a trip coming up soon, Will this trip help them go back to being friends or even more than that? Started- july, 11, 2017 @ 8:15 pm mo...
  • romance
  • flamingeo
  • juwanyroman
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GroupChat // younowers ☆ (On Hold) by WafflesandBacon12
GroupChat // younowers ☆ (On Hold)by waffles
  • groupchat
  • zachclayton
  • markthomas
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💜Mommy💜 // fla〽️inGeo/gio2sausy fanfic  by bye123456789123
💜Mommy💜 // fla〽️inGeo/gio2sausy...by bye123456789123
It's complicated
  • geo
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New Girl by imagination-dream_
New Girlby Imagination-dream_
Girl expelled at her old school and moved out of the state for a fresh start. She is disrespectful and misbehaves in class. But what will happen when she meets Geo the s...
  • flamingeo
  • fanfics
  • geo
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S-Gang | Juwany Roman by flamingiana
S-Gang | Juwany Romanby g.
We were all innocent at first
  • lunablaise
  • brycehall
  • flaminfam
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Why me ? by fuckeverybodyok
Why me ?by fuckeverybodyok
Lol I'm really bad at this :)
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  • gio2saucy
love, babygirl ; malu trevejo fanfiction by xxrainbowguccixx
love, babygirl ; malu trevejo fanf...by xxrainbowguccixx
Jasmine for some reason is always thrown into some type of drama but is always ready with a clapback. Will she have a clapback when she comes to realization that her be...
  • flamingeo
  • fanficton
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Flamingeos Imagines and Preference (BWWM) by lil-latin
Flamingeos Imagines and Preference...by lil-latin
The title says it all. This is my first time writing so please no hate. Enjoy!! BWWM ( black woman white man)
  • bwwm
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  • fanfiction
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