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Last One by Autu_mn
Last Oneby AutumnBlue
Demi struggles with high school as well as dealing with her lying boyfriend, Joe, who she feels doesn't love her anymore. And her life is becoming harder and harder with...
  • haircuts
  • love
  • dramtic
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wastelands by sadpacific
wastelandsby jules
these days jacques can't seem to get along with anyone.
  • romance
  • love
  • teenromance
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Your Door by AneishaRdriguez
Your Doorby flowerlove
" No matter how hard i cry and no matter how broken i get, your door will never open for me. But i will remain seated here till it opens because i need you."
  • door
  • fixme
  • seat
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When We Were Apart by forever_ajs
When We Were Apartby Jeslin
Natalie I never thought I would see those eyes again. Blue. The colour of the sea. Those eyes in which l lost myself. Allen Her smile has changed. Everything about her...
  • broken
  • bff
  • startover
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The Love I Never Had: Broken Family by Caitlin2Ysabelle
The Love I Never Had: Broken Familyby Caitlin2Ysabelle
"I was broken, but you fixed me..." Home. A place where I am deeply rooted, a place where everything started and where beautiful memories are made, A place whe...
  • youngwritersshortstory
  • familyissues
  • heart-warming
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FIX ME ▹ KOTLC ✔ by theunmappedstar
FIX ME ▹ KOTLC ✔by ソフィー
❛ FIX ME, FOSTER. YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE ❜ random sokeefe one-shots ranging from sweet to fun and flirty to angsty and depressing! ...
  • keefoster
  • teamfosterkeefe
  • fanfiction
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Shattered by sUgAtHeGuMmYbEaR
Shatteredby ✧༺♥༻✧
I'm shattered. But he's putting me back together, piece by piece. Started: 2/4/19
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • bestfriends
  • fiction
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The Sin and The Saint by _MiMi_xox_
The Sin and The Saintby Stitch.Lover
Deep chuckles echoed throughout the room. "W..what?" "Your a sinner." Known as the freak of the school. Girls swoon over his good looks through no on...
  • oppositesattract
  • fixme
  • danger
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Fix me by SkieChan
Fix meby Liza nostratis
Isang babae na tinatago yung feelings niya sa lalake.
  • fixme
  • darkestsecret
  • darkstory
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Fix Me by Mochi_iMochi
Fix Meby Mochi
Inspired by: Once Best Friends, by @logicalmistakes (Dr. Phil) ~*~ You asked me to help you, so I helped you. You asked me to comfort you, so I comforted you. You asked...
  • taehyungfanfiction
  • namjoon
  • hoseok
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Fix Me, Foster by AbstractAddison
Fix Me, Fosterby ➰ᴀᴅᴅɪ ➰
"Fix me, Foster." whispered Keefe, so close to Sophie she can feel his breath. "How?" asked Sophie. "Like this." said Keefe just before pr...
  • sencen
  • foster
  • fitzphieisbarf
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idc by fhoack
idcby fhoack
varför bryr man sig ensss????
  • yourfault
  • iwish
  • love
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Falling Sky (BWWM) by TrenodyMalone
Falling Sky (BWWM)by Trenody Malone
My name is Skylar James and I cover up pain with humor. My sarcasm only gets me so far. My therapist said it's lowest form of wit. But I just like pulling shit from my a...
  • fixme
  • depression
  • wattys2018
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Lost //  Dolan twin Fanfiction by Winterxjones
Lost // Dolan twin Fanfictionby Winter Marie Jones
she is a mess and he just wants to fix her. but will it work?
  • fuckingmess
  • fixme
  • vote
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Stitch my heart by GirlyGamerForever3
Stitch my heartby GirlyGamerForever3
It can hurt you, people I mean. You can hurt your self. But someone must fix you. You can try but you must Mende, stitch, and love again.
  • loveagain
  • poems
  • leftbehind
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Fix Me by taewithyung
Fix Meby ACCOUNT CLOSED for now
A Min Yoongi Fanfiction
  • fixme
  • suga
  • help
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Who Do You Love? Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench Fanfiction by soulstis
Who Do You Love? Josh Ramsay of El
Arianna Young is 28 and has been waiting for her life to begin. Now, she has one more class before she graduates college. Her last project, helping put together a show f...
  • masterpiecetheatre
  • fanfiction
  • ramsay
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My Stargazer by WritersHoldTruth
My Stargazerby WritersHoldTruth
"We were the cliché couple of the patch... We did everything together and he made me smile so brightly and there wasn't a care in the world, but then the feelings l...
  • fixme
  • forevertogether
  • broken
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Can you fix me||Randy  by fangirlroadie
Can you fix me||Randy by Typical Roadie
Andys mum the closest to him just passed away instantly. Andy tries to recover but everything he does reminds him of her. Can Rye help Andy get over the horrible passing...
  • rip
  • sad
  • death
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Fix me  by ohhitsocean
Fix me by Blossom Cotten
Fix me I'm lonely Fix me I'm broken Fix me Come on FIX ME
  • poem
  • program
  • feelings
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