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stuck :: hemmings by calavender
stuck :: hemmingsby ⁘ J O Y ⁘
in which a mysterious boy gets stuck in a burger joint playground and a girl who can't say no becomes entrapped in his secrets highest ranking :: #1 5sos
destination ≫ irwin by impediment
destination ≫ irwinby bella
in which she suspects that he's cheating, so she hides all of valuables to make him remember their past and forget his present | 51 in short story | 704 in fanfiction |...
russian roulette → fivesauce by smokable
russian roulette → fivesauceby smokable
in which seven teenagers have fun with bullets and a revolver. @smokable twenty fourteen 23/9/15 - #53 short story
HIM / m.c l.h by WeComeRunning
HIM / m.c l.hby gab
he was amazing. the way how his blond fringe swept over his shining blue eyes. how he would fumble with his lip ring when he was nervous. the way he was so shy. do yo...
Trouble || One Shot by mikepistols
Trouble || One Shotby mikepistols
this is just an entry for fivesaucewhoop's Trouble competition, it isn't a story :)
Trouble One Shot by x0xvaleriex0x
Trouble One Shotby x0xvaleriex0x
This is for fivesaucewhoop Trouble one shot competition. Cassidy telling Ashton a fond memory of her mother.
Trouble One Shot by americanarry
Trouble One Shotby americanarry
One shot based off of Trouble by fivesaucewhoop in Abbi's point of view for the contest.
Wasted » Ashton Irwin. by NAMELESSLAX
Wasted » Ashton L.A.
"You're beautiful." "Shut up, you're drunk." It all happened in one night, thanks to one text message. (COMPLETED) Highest ranks: #1 in Funny #1...
The Fangirl by radsadperson
The Fangirlby gwen
she stays up all night blogging about them the worst part is she knows that they will never know who she is. LOWERCASE INTENDED
decipher | m.c by metaphoricaI
decipher | m.cby valeria
de•ci•pher | diˈsīfər - To decode; to reveal; to unfold.
Unpredictable by luke_sauce
Unpredictableby Melanie
My breath quickened, as did his steps. The gusts of wind brushed my hair as the city lights illuminated the street. My feet seemed to be glued to the cement. "Luke...
This is all of my work! Please request if you want more and I will also be continuing this on my tumblr blog!
to die for ➳ clifford by dancedancecalum
to die for ➳ cliffordby dancedancecalum
she knows he would kill just to hold her on the dance floor.
One direction prefrences by spiced76
One direction prefrencesby spiced76
Okay so this is my first book so...yeah I will be making short prefrences of one direction if u have any ideas just ask me I will be taking requests hope you enjoy and i...
Innocence || a.i by isabelirwin
Innocence || a.iby isabelirwin
"No! No one under any circumstances will stop me from achieving my future." I cry out. "That was until I came, Emma. Right?" He asks shyly. - A girl...