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The Eldest | F. Darcy by thebookgirl25
The Eldest | F. Darcyby Bibliophilia
First Book in The Eldest series There lived six sisters in the Bennet household. The first was a very generous and kind soul who helped her father with the estate and te...
Licorice and Ink - Mr. Darcy by willingly
Licorice and Ink - Mr. Darcyby 𝐕𝐈
All of her life, Elodie Bennet had expectations set upon her, expectations that all young women had. As the second eldest, she was meant to care for her younger sisters...
Orgullo y Prejuicio Riren? by MrsDrinksBlood
Orgullo y Prejuicio Riren?by Maleficent Drinks Blood
Well, esta historia trata de la historia original de Orgullo y Prejuicio de Jane Austen, es mi historia favorita y la he mezclado con mi ship favorito "Riren"...
I Want You  by Amrita_Writes
I Want You by Amrita Writes
Elizabeth wants Darcy. And it's all because of a dream.
Key by avatarairbender321
Keyby avatarairbender321
She does everything for anyone, does what she's told, puts others before herself. But she's tired of this, when will she ever find her freedom to go anywhere and everywh...
Fangs and Prejudice by buttersquid
Fangs and Prejudiceby buttersquid
Will the arrival of a charming, rich, and very single gentleman cause those in Hertfordshire to spare nothing but a few seconds over the mysterious murders occurring in...
Pureblood and Prejudice: a Dramione Romance by DebbieDraperColby
Pureblood and Prejudice: a DebbieDraperColby
Ten years after the end of the wizarding war, friends and enemies that have been separated for years meet up again and their paths collide in ways reminiscent of our fav...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by gaypeoplehavefun
Pride and Prejudice and Zombiesby Claire
This is pride and prejudice and Zombies, but gay. Everything is the same except that Elizabeth is now Elliot and Jane is now John. The rest of the Bennet's are still the...
Journal by Fitzwilliam-Darcy
Journalby Mr. Darcy
A place for my thoughts. (Very slow updates, if any.)
My Mr Darcy by SarahEnglishRose
My Mr Darcyby SarahEnglishRose
Lizzy Bennet is a 16 year old girl leaving one of the oldest and longest running schools in the country; Longbourn Academy and she just so happens to have caught the ey...
First Impressions: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Adaptation by DirectorPurry
First Impressions: A Modern DirectorPurry
The timeless classic "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen updated and retold for the 21st century. Liz Bennet lives with her parents and four sisters in the r...
Pride + Prejudice + Zombies + The Wolf by agirlinsomefandoms
Pride + Prejudice + Zombies + Professional Fangirl
"The wolf... Are they always like that?" "Only her. She has saved my life many times, and I owe her so much." //I have only seen the movie twice, so...
🥀~~||PRİDE & PREJUDİCE||~~🥀 by LORAKODO618897
🥀~~||PRİDE & PREJUDİCE||~~🥀by ✨🦋DALİA🦋✨
~~Pride and Prejudice follows the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich aristocratic landow...
The Novelist (A Pride and Prejudice Variation) by MirandaElloway
The Novelist (A Pride and miranda elloway
A chance encounter in a Lambton bookstore with a serious young man dramatically alters the course of young Elizabeth Bennet's life.
Hopelessly In Love- A Pride And Prejudice Variation by RoyalRegency
Hopelessly In Love- A Pride And Royal Regency
What if Elizabeth was equal to Mr Darcy in terms of wealth and status? What if Elizabeth and Mr Darcy shared a love-hate relationship from childhood? What if the Bennets...
Pride and Prejudice by Savay_Sterling
Pride and Prejudiceby sterling-gallenger
Lizzy Bennet hasn't found the right guy, but she does have someone who has insulted her and is a pain to be around, a sister in love with the perfect guy, a crazy family...
Hate At First Sight by CAShunterofBADWOLF10
Hate At First Sightby CAShunterofBADWOLF10
Everyone talks about love at first sight, that moment when you see someone and you just know, right then that you have to spend your life with them. Well, this is not th...
Never Doubt I Love | Pride and Prejudice by anakinpadmeforlife
Never Doubt I Love | Pride and anakinpadmeforlife
Elizabeth Bennet refused Fitwilliam Darcy once, but in the face of his current offer she knows there is no hope such a rejection can happen now. With her father dead, M...
Pride, Prejudice and All Things Ridiculous by AM080705
Pride, Prejudice and All Things AMmythology girl1789
A book full of one shots, imagines and incorrect quotes based off of one of the greatest literary classics known to Regency England. Amazing characters, unforgettable qu...