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No Aliens Allowed by talking_to_nobody
No Aliens Allowedby lucy
Nothing had stopped sixteen-year-old Kali Mahelona from breaking the rules before, and nothing was going to stop her now. Not even the arrival of a very real, very attr...
Dance is my life by KairaSchwengler
Dance is my lifeby Kaira Schwengler
My school is bursting with huge egotistical dancers. Not all dancers have huge egos but I swear everyone here does and that's not even the worst part. Grace Mae Andrews...
Addicted To Love (GirlxGirl) by cadetgirl
Addicted To Love (GirlxGirl)by cadetgirl
Angel Cassidy is just a normal teenage girl. She lives in a world where everything seem's wrong, until one day she decides to be just like her popular friends, she just...
Don't you trust me by sgreenie8
Don't you trust meby CEO of ‘I’m sad’
My life is complicated, I never expected to fall in love her, never in a million years Story about how a bully falls in love with a quiet girl ⚠️ TW ⚠️ suicide depressi...
The John Hughes Club  by KBMallion
The John Hughes Club by KBMallion
Being the new girl, officially sucks. Being the new Goth girl, wholeheartedly sucks. Being the new Goth girl, with horrific baggage, truly sucks. At my old school, I was...
Nervous Ticks (Joger) by annyhlynn
Nervous Ticks (Joger)by annyhlynn
John's a bit of a nervous person and the people around him don't help. A story in which John is a bit a a mess and Roger just wants to get to know John. What he doesn't...
Escape (A t.A.T.u Fanfic) by NightWriter95
Escape (A t.A.T.u Fanfic)by Marie
Yulia Volkova is fourteen years old and fits in no where in the small town school she attends. She finds herself at the mercy of the class's 'popular girl' Elena Katina...
A Secondary School Survivor; Year One... by MissRut
A Secondary School Survivor; Finn' 'Dia
Duna. Dunamis. 'Dynamite'. Dunamis had no idea what her mother was thinking when she sent her off to a boarding school in a state she knew no one in- except her older br...
ခါတော်မှီ.. အမာတော်ပါးလှည့်ပါ(complete) by kimiyu85
ခါတော်မှီ.. အမာတော်ပါးလှည့်ပါ( ယာယာ
အချိန်မတိုင်ခင်..ခင်ဗျားကိုကျွန်တော်သိပ်ချစ်တဲ့အကြောင်းလက်တွေ့ပြပါ့မယ်...အချိန်နှောင်းသွားရင်တော့.... Drစဝ်သောငယ် အချိန်တွေနှောင်းကုန်ပြီဆိုတာကိုယ်သိပေမဲ့ ငယ့်ကိုချစ်မိ...
Who I Am: A Tony Stark Fan-Fiction by Jeannie207kittie
Who I Am: A Tony Stark Fan-Fictionby Jeanne Datillo
My appearance and persona had caused people to look at me differently when I was a kid, so I never had any true friends that I could really trust and be oneself around...
Hard To Forget.™ by MBCrazy1
Hard To Forget.™by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.
The last we heard of Destiny, she was left crying behind her school building and pregnant, while Trey was going to Julliard, a performing arts school in New York, to pur...
Dragonfly Web: Whitestuff by WezleyBrookz
Dragonfly Web: Whitestuffby Wezley Brookz
[EDITING] One day on the farm, Ciara climbs her favourite tree, only to find a magical creature lives there. A white dragonfly transforms to a baby dragon when she reach...
Cloy Entra and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy  (unfinished) by andypaul172
Cloy Entra and the Self andypaul172
Cloy is the protagonist in our tale, he's not your typical hero he has fingers missing, a club foot and suffers from high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. The Antago...
Ciao (AlbertoxReader)  by Bluegarnet123
Ciao (AlbertoxReader) by Blue_Garnet_Mess
It's been four years since everyone in Portorosso finally accepted sea monsters. With Luca and his girlfriend only visiting during the summer now- Alberto was learning h...
Salty Friendship | Anthro Shark X Human (Canceled) by ShawnSpires
Salty Friendship | Anthro Shark ShawnCoolFnia
Drunk, and with friends on his 17th Birthday on a coastal beach, Shawn, and his crew get into trouble through a night of partying, in their drunkenness', and partying th...
Wonton (Short Story) by PhantomAce9083
Wonton (Short Story)by Phantom Ace
Being insecure at a young age is hard. But accepting your culture and being strong in your beliefs is what makes a person phenomenal. Follow June as she learns some hard...
32 by NickaSwan
32by Nika Swan
Christine Louise Swift is trying to make her way into motorsport world by being a mechanic of one of the most arrogant racers out there. But what other option does she h...
The Empaths (Book one in The Empaths series) by SammyJW37
The Empaths (Book one in The Samantha Webb
Seventeen-year-old Lucy Owens is struggling. It's been two years since the death of her parents, but she just can't seem to get a handle on life without them. After her...
Liberty Star by LeslieThroneberry
Liberty Starby Leslie Throneberry
"If I told you the truth, would you still love me?"- Liberty Star Star is a fifteen year old girl who has been stuck with adult responsibilities of taking care...
Being Undead by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
Being Undeadby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Sleep, wake and work have always been the centre of Laura Wall's life. One of the most talented Medical Examiners in New York City, Laura is no stranger to the dead- not...