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Snow White And The Seven Knights by DEV-IL
Snow White And The Seven Knightsby Inang
TAGALOG STORY ONCE UPON A TIME Kein Evans is a lonely girl living with her Stepsister and her StepMother, a vain and wicked Mother. Her stepsister, Jahne fears that Kei...
Small Hope (Book Two) by PebbleHeartLove
Small Hope (Book Two)by ~Swifty~
Whispercloud's kits have come early and they are very sick. Only one manages to survive but he is deemed useless and worthless to the clan after the deputy died for the...
My First Series by TearyIris
My First Seriesby TearyIris
Okay so this isn't exactly a book. In this I'm just providing some info on my first series, The Hybrids.
A Prophecy  by Crashingwaves247
A Prophecy by Crashingwaves247
A world at war, An ancient prophecy, Their fate is in her hands. (ONGOING)
Talvin Stay Stay Stay by AwesomeEvelyn10
Talvin Stay Stay Stayby 1989months
This is going to be a series. I hope you like it. It is about Calvin and Taylor having a fight. Calvin has to resolve it before she is gone forever.
Journey Of The Clans - Warrior Cats by NightFurOfShadowClan
Journey Of The Clans - Warrior Catsby NightFurOfShadowClan
Series: Journey Of The Clans Series Order: Series 1 Description: A special cat. A special warrior. A special...Medicine cat? A special apprentice, all join in on a a...
A journey's beginning(A Ninjago Series) by Loveninja16
A journey's beginning(A Ninjago The Love Ninja
When the vilians work together and claim one plan to destroy Ninjago, Lloyd must form a ninja team to stop the villians before their plan is complete.
The Forgotten Hero | Volume 2 | The Beginning Series  by QuietboyIssac
The Forgotten Hero | Volume 2 | QuietboyIssac
So far the small prince..Kirito have found him self as the "dog" of a fidgure hidden in black. ~ A small story series of 3 ~
Aquilina (The Zernaelle Series 1) by sappydramas
Aquilina (The Zernaelle Series 1)by sappydramas
"She was the kind-hearted maiden who stole the heart of the King." "She was the cold-hearted General of the 5 elements who took care of the King." Op...
Aftermath by HaMezImagined
Aftermathby ReImagined
A series of Stories about the The world if Everything was destroyed
Lost at sea by abby4791
Lost at seaby abby_mxgan
Holly and Ryan Harroldson take their 15 year old daughter Becky on a cruise ship to America with their private cruise ship. But when they hit a rock that tips over, thro...
Spring Day Series #1: Hiraeth | (fanfic) by marshie-mello
Spring Day Series #1: Hiraeth | 모치-메로 (dy)
"I was so badly hurt that even putting me away in a hospital couldn't help me" This is my first series so bear with me plz Started: 1-4-2017 Ended: