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End of May // Chaelisa by TiaraLovesChaelisa
End of May // Chaelisaby Tiara
"You mean to me, Rosie.. But what I mean to you?" -Lalisa Manoban Started: September 27, 19
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The Dragon Goddess (Various! Fairy Tai x Female! Reader) by MissMoonRyuu
The Dragon Goddess (Various! Moon Ryuu
I'm not the best a descriptions so bare with me. (Y/N) P.O.V Someone left me on July 7, X777. Why would he do that to me... Mikalo? Thats my dragon. He's like a dad to m...
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My Little Green Piece of Broccoli by maxproretard
My Little Green Piece of Broccoliby Max
Todoroki and Izuku fall in love in high school. In which they eventually marry each other, Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday On hold
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Ladybug and Chat Noir (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic) by AvaJohnson01
Ladybug and Chat Noir (A Ava Johnson
Marinette, just a normal girl with a normal life... until she got a pair of earrings and met Tikki. Ladybug, just your average hero... one that has to get up for school...
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First Love [Jisung FF] [First FF] by JisungNCTdream6
First Love [Jisung FF] [First FF]by Jisung NCTdream
In which a cold cat and an honest dog falls for each other... That's it😊😊😊 ~~Padam dadadadam no spoilers please~~
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The Year Of Like by geesexualxxkilljoy
The Year Of Likeby boring
this is a petekey fanfic. disclaimer: none of this is tru, just btw(except for the obvious, such as Gerard being Mikey's brother, Gee being older than Mikey, and their n...
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Club Time by GGRwrites
Club Timeby GGRwrites
At Akademi High School, a bunch of friends create four clubs. The Entertainment Club, Gaming Club, Karate Club, Mystery Club and Literature Club. And it's all fun and ga...
War of 4 (a 방탄소난단 ff) by jimins_wife101
War of 4 (a 방탄소난단 ff)by jimins_wife101
Y/n is Kim namjoons younger sister, she is 21 years old. Every member of the maknae line "falls for her". But there is a twist, does she have a secret admirer...
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Enchanted by ScoutLeopard
Enchantedby ScoutLeopard
A twist of Merlin and Arthur Pendragon's relationship in the BBC's show Merlin
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The Broken Promise by Taehyung-Talk2Carz
The Broken Promiseby KpopIsALifeStyle
What will happen to Y/N when she leaves her best friends and the come back and realise that they hate her? Will they realise the truth? Or will it be too late? BTS Fanf...
In The Nighttime (Rarijack) by Pam_MuffinOnFleek
In The Nighttime (Rarijack)by Sad_CouchPotato
Rarity is a vampire who just moved into a big city and who is being chased by King Sombra's army. Applejack is a barkeeper at her family's business. Will Applejack help...
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Shuri and Peter Pranks by ArvelWithMyMarvel
Shuri and Peter Pranksby Skye
Everyone loves the smol little spider and his best friend Shuri who always seem to get away with the wildest pranks in history.
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The Journey to find Love, Friendship and family by Taehyung-Talk2Carz
The Journey to find Love, KpopIsALifeStyle
The girl who had everything that she could ever ask for. She had a loving family, loving friends and a loving, caring, cute (and hot) and protective boyfriend. What else...
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The Music of True Love by onlyforgoodstuff
The Music of True Loveby onlyforgoodstuff
Zythra's having a rough time in her house when suddenly he is sold off to a pirate ship!!! (Oh No Guys!) But soon, she finds not all things on the sea are lost or fish...
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Forgive me? (BakuDeku/KatsuDeku) by LittleNothingsss
Forgive me? (BakuDeku/KatsuDeku)by LittleNothingsss
When "Deku" finally comes out as gay to class 1a, it leaves a sexually confused Bakugo wondering why he has a sense of... relief...
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Don't leave me (Taehyung ff) by MBStiner446
Don't leave me (Taehyung ff)by Mary Stine
The story of an Idol and his first love
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Angels of War (Destiel Story) by RedRacerBee
Angels of War (Destiel Story)by Binging Red Racer
Dean walked through the Airport, his metal capped boots clicking as he continued. He saw a jet zooming off the ground. He was afraid to fly. An angel doing everything wi...
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From Neverland (A Harry Hook fanfic) by umaXharry90
From Neverland (A Harry Hook RockItRakoonz
I suck at descriptions, so ima say very little. This is Harry Hook X Philita Pan, a made up fanfic. Philita is the daughter of Peter Pan from ouat and Morgana, Ursula's...
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Crazy, Noisy, Bizarre Jojo One-Shots! by YareYareGuretoDaze
Crazy, Noisy, Bizarre Jojo グレートだぜ
Hi! It's me, GuretoDaze, and I'm going to start doing some stories on here! I'm thinking about doing some one-shots, with ships, no ships, and wholesome moments! Maybe a...
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"Rose Petals" by EuphoriaDecalcomania
"Rose Petals"by EuphoriaMansion
"If you follow the rose petals you will always find me... please find me Jinhee"
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