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Thin Ice (M/M Transmigration) by itshoodwinked
Thin Ice (M/M Transmigration)by flo (he/him)
One day, Cale wakes up in the body of an unfortunate cannon fodder character that appears in the popular novel [Fire & Ice], a world in which everyone has some kind of e...
Rivals For Love by BangtanOT7lover
Rivals For Loveby 𝐑𝐨𝐲
Rivals For Love: (A JJK and KTH fanfiction) A bizarre love triangle following a platitude mafia theme. Two extremely powerful and dreaded men deeply in love with a typic...
Racing with the bad boy by ShannonBooth3
Racing with the bad boyby Shannon Sally
No. 1 in car! Amelia Banks isn't your typical girl, knowing all there's is to know about cars, racing and mechanics can make someone an outcast. Despite all of that she...
Monstrous Rejects by Trinity_Goldwing
Monstrous Rejectsby Trinity_Goldwing
My unfinished and abandoned stories that I want to keep for future reference. Read at your own risk! <3
The Art of Learning to Breathe by ThatDreamChaser
The Art of Learning to Breatheby ell
COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT VERY SLOW EDITING IN PROCESS Adelaine Colbert, a seventeen-year-old college dropout, family failure and socially awkward. After dropping out of col...
✅1️⃣ Trusting the Babysitter by kittyangelabdl
✅1️⃣ Trusting the Babysitterby Kitty Angel
Taking this job was a no-brainer for Adam Exley. He's recently finished high school and has nothing better to do until he gets his exam results. Mrs Cartwright is offeri...
Back to Human by JessieMayflower
Back to Humanby JessieMayflower
((Completed)) Book One of the Back To Human Trilogy Highest Ranks: #7 in Cyber #11 in Firstdraft A witch is creating familiars and stripping innocent humans of their h...
No Turning Back [EDITING] by TorziMay
No Turning Back [EDITING]by Torzi May
Viola Hall was raised in a respectable family as the daughter of an Earl, but that life fell apart entirely within a matter of days. To save her reputation, she'd been m...
Scoran's Wrath: A Knight's Code by bobkain
Scoran's Wrath: A Knight's Codeby Kai R Brant
Anina has lived a fun but controlled life in the kingdom of Dormas, all she has ever wanted was freedom. But after getting knighted as a Baron knight, her father's forge...
COLLISION - a zuko and yue centric tale by Lunaristical
COLLISION - a zuko and yue Lunaristical
What if Yue had survived the spirit pond -- transformed into Tui -- but with her mortal form? What if she had staggered out, and found Zuko knocked unconscious after his...
Daemons and Demons by Fresh-reeds
Daemons and Demonsby Fresh-reeds
Merlin and Arthur's rule was over a milenior ago. Arthur was the last Dragon rider and Merlin, the last Mage. The world has moved on, spells lying dorment in their blood...
Dirty Little Secret [COMPLETED] by Elis123reads
Dirty Little Secret [COMPLETED]by Elis123reads
A secretly perverted girl gets drawn into a much more crazier ride than lust: Love. Curiosity being the thing that turns her on, Irene slips into the world of gangs and...
Legally Black [COMPLETE] by IdrisGrey
Legally Black [COMPLETE]by Idris Grey 🏳️‍🌈 ✊🏾
{A #PrideatWattpad Book Club Selection} A revised version of my unsuccessful entry to the @Wattpad One That Got Away anthology. VERY loosely inspired by the movie Legall...
The Adventures of a Girl Who Should Not Exist (Doctor Who/ Harry Potter Crossover) by budding_writerx
The Adventures of a Girl Who Lord President Alexandria
Amelia- just Amelia. One year after the Daleks destroyed her planet, sending her crashing into Earth, she receives a mysterious letter in the mail- and suddenly, she is...
~ w e a k ~ (COMPLETED) by twoocat
~ w e a k ~ (COMPLETED)by twoocat
~thanks for 1K reads!!~ based off of the Weak music video by AJR highest ranking: #1 in weakajr #11 in adammet #12 in jackmet #12 in ryanmet #13 in AJR
Color Your World | Adult F/F Romance [COMPLETE] by IdrisGrey
Color Your World | Adult F/F Idris Grey 🏳️‍🌈 ✊🏾
In a world of grey, love lets soulmates see in perfect color. *** In a world where everyone is born completely colorblind, people only begin to see in color upon encount...
Cold, Heartless Love (Book 1, Vespu Cronicles [Lesbian Story]) by Jett_Cyber
Cold, Heartless Love (Book 1, Jett_Cyber
In the year 2184, The United States has split into five nations; one of which, The Plymouth Republic, is cold, mechanical, stark, and bleak. Every two years, the governm...
Dairen   Coven of Elders by DavidAlexanderMc
Dairen Coven of Eldersby david mcdonagh
Dairen was a normal teenager going through the motions in a sea side village, until one day his mother disappears and he finds out a truly dark secret. Can he find his m...
Writing a Story for Dummies by sandydragon1
Writing a Story for Dummiesby Emily Dorffer
This is a guide on how to improve your writing and develop good writing habits. This is geared towards fiction stories in general, not just ones on Wattpad. If there are...
Alpha's Rejected Mate by bangtanqfics
Alpha's Rejected Mateby Adalyn04
Evelyn is a female alpha who is loaded with pride and ego. She hates losing and needs to be first in everything she does, even if it's rejecting her mate. Evelyn finds h...