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Sebastian's Price (First Person POV Edition of THE BILLIONAIRE'S PRICE) by anselacorsino
Sebastian's Price (First Person Ansela Corsino
"You don't have to like me, Ms. Slade. But if you deliver results, I might be able to tolerate your presence in my home." ~ VICTORIA ~ A wannabe author fresh o...
  • sexy
  • firstpersonpov
  • billionaire
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Underdogs by Floats
Underdogsby natalie
Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was an accident, but nobody other than Levi seems to believe her. Feeling...
  • zeke
  • american
  • dating
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THE UNEXPECTED FATE by johnmikehale
Having a net worth of 80 billion US dollars at the age of twenty-nine, Lance Lawrence is undoubtedly the "world's richest person at the age of twenties." Alway...
  • marriageofconvenience
  • newyork
  • billionaire
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Love Of My Life by Shes_A_Killer_Queen_
Love Of My Lifeby Undead Killer Queen
I never expected to meet Roger Taylor let alone have him fall in love with me. After years of nagging, Mary finally convinces her friend to tag alone to a Queen concert...
  • drinking
  • unplannedpregnancy
  • originalfemalecharacter
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the violinist  by iampatrishwhxte
the violinist by PATRiSH
"How are you so good?" I ask her. "Patience," she answers. "You mean practice?" I correct. "Yes. But mostly patience..." She star...
  • sad
  • violinist
  • happy
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Proposition by DarkHell616
Propositionby Hell
Upon returning home from a job well done I find a letter waiting for me, one asking me to meet up for a possible job offer that would end up changing my life forever.
  • reader
  • asgard
  • loki
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Scars left by Memories by chrisiti345
Scars left by Memoriesby Christie Thames
MEMORIES! The one thing you can't forget. And if those memories are the ones turned into nightmares then they haunt you for the rest of your life. It is said that each a...
  • antisocial
  • secrets
  • openingup
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The Promise (Toshinori Yagi/All Might x OC) by llMumeill
The Promise (Toshinori Yagi/All llMumeill
Anri Ibaraki is Toshinori's Best Friend and also a classmate of him since Junior High until his days at the U.A Academy. The both of them developed a very deep bond towa...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • lemon
  • shototodoroki
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Trinity Seven: a new mage and a new story by MARSOC_GUY2017
Trinity Seven: a new mage and a XDragonboyyX
I just made this because there are no more episodes of trinity seven, anyways... this is the story of a young mage named Asacata zey, one fateful day, Mira was practicin...
  • highschool
  • anotherworld
  • mages
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~Sweet and Sour~ by DJAnimeGurl
~Sweet and Sour~by DJAnimeGurl
Your a regular boy/girl living normally. In this era human pets have become a popular trend. Now there are people "breeding" more human pets. They raise them a...
  • firstpersonpov
  • roleplay
  • pet
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City of bones (Jace's pov) by Ruby__Costello
City of bones (Jace's pov)by Molly
Centuries ago, Jonathon Shadowhunter bled into the mortal cup And centuries on, we still fight an invisible war. Demons versus their angelic counterparts. Good versus ev...
  • jace
  • fiction
  • romance
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Into The Woods by mitu1322
Into The Woodsby Maithili
What happens when your worst nightmare comes true? ◼ All the images used belong to their rightful owners. Enjoy!
  • run
  • woods
  • alien
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Team Aeri (Pokemon) by SilverSalamander
Team Aeri (Pokemon)by SilverSalamander
Autumn, a young girl from the Jhoto Region, has decided to join the mysterious Team Aeri. She believes in their cause and wants to fight for the right to have more then...
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
  • action
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A Call From Across The Universe (ONC Entry) by DuskSpark
A Call From Across The Universe ( Dusk Spark
The dreams of billions had been to prove that we are not alone in the universe. Well, we proved it and what we found were... microscopic bacteria, some flora, and even f...
  • mercenary
  • mystery
  • cyberpunk
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Illusions by JustCallMeWish
Illusionsby no one
What do you get when you're that 0.0001%? Illusions of different realities. Jane Hartman's life is like no other's. In her head is swimming over 45 different brain disor...
  • bipolar
  • touching
  • unique
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No Escape  by Asia_Agreste
No Escape by Kitty 😼❤
Cleora was wrongly mistaken for murder and robbery. After being taken to a highly secured prison, she meets a guy named Rod that she supposedly killed. Rod wasn't actua...
  • patience
  • prison
  • tricks
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Note To Self by lilTrollgirl
Note To Selfby Krystal T.
When Eva, an awkward, shy journalist meets "This Month's Most Eligible Bachelor" she wants nothing to do with him, but he always seems to pop up out of no wher...
  • femalelead
  • cute
  • funny
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Apotheosis of the Maelstrom by collinsworth_
Apotheosis of the Maelstromby collinsworth_
Naruto wasn't allowed to develop into a loud-mouthed fool - the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the Sandaime Hokage guaranteed it. Sent to the ANBU and living under the watchful g...
  • hinata
  • naruto
  • fanfic
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Snow Days by JeSuisMarie-D
Snow Daysby Marie
Meet Susan. She's a cynical, sarcastic, anxiety-prone, caffeine-addicted med student. There is hardly a subject on earth that she doesn't want to add her two cents to...
  • boy
  • girl
  • idiots
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The Silver Witch Chronicles by WitchOfEndor
The Silver Witch Chroniclesby KvindeNørd
While cleaning her Great Aunt's house, Rhiann discovers an unusual book. Passed down from generation to generation, the contents will change her life in ways she couldn'...
  • wattpride
  • growth
  • silverwitch
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