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Fire Emblem: Before Awakening by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: Before Awakeningby AnnaBanana813
Have you ever wondered what the events before Awakening were? Wondered what Chrom and Anna's lives were like before they met? Find out in this FEA prequel, Fire Emblem:...
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Fire Emblem Awakening: My Story by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem Awakening: My Storyby AnnaBanana813
Found by a young prince named Chrom, Anna is awoken to the world without memories. There, she joins Chrom and his Shepherds on their campaign against the warring kingdom...
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Fire Emblem: December Prompts by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: December Promptsby AnnaBanana813
1st. Music 4th. Letters 7th. Mug 10th. In The Morning 13th. Cozy 16th. Cookies 19th. Mittens 22nd. Lights 25th. Holidays 28th. All I Want... 31st. Snowflakes Cover image...
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Fire Emblem x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Fire Emblem x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
Fire Emblem Fates And Awakening both included. This book is ended and requests ar closed. Thanks to all my readers for making this whole book worth it.
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A Jasper Revenant (Chrom x M!Robin) by huiii_6
A Jasper Revenant (Chrom x M!Robin)by huiii_6
A world where the Fire Emblem Series took place in reality and was considered as a historical moment. Chrom promised Robin after they defeated Grima, that destiny and fa...
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Fire Emblem Awakening: Parallel World (Modern AU Fic) by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem Awakening: Parallel AnnaBanana813
Here is a story about all the characters in Awakening, and if they were in a modern setting!
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Fire Emblem - Awakening (December Prompts - Modern AU): The Best is Yet to Come by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem - Awakening ( AnnaBanana813
Chrom is the proud co-owner of the Shepherds' Medical Firm. He enjoys the crazy-calm routine of Manhattan life and could not be any more excited for the holidays. He get...
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Fire Emblem: High School Years (High School AU) - Junior Year by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: High School Years ( AnnaBanana813
Another year has ended and it's time for a new one to begin. After ending their school year on an awkward note, Chrom and Anna have some emotions and feelings that need...
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Fire Emblem: High School Years (High School AU) Freshman Year by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: High School Years ( AnnaBanana813
Time for a brand new year at Ylisse High School! Chrom, the son of the principal and the claimed: "prince of the school" is anxious to start his high school ca...
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Twist of Fate | M! Robin x Chrom  by Allie_Hamada
Twist of Fate | M! Robin x Chrom by ≪ Allie Hamada ≫
"I'm just a tactician to the prince. I could never be more. Even if I desired to be so.." Written in slight adaptation of my previous Chrom/Robin work. Cover...
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Fire Emblem: High School Years (High School AU) - Sophomore Year by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: High School Years ( AnnaBanana813
Summer is over and the new school year has begun! Now sophomores, Chrom and Anna have many more challenges to face. More friends will be met and secrets will be revealed...
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Invisible Ties | Fire Emblem Awakening (Novelization) by MMHunter
Invisible Ties | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
[Fire Emblem Awakening novelization.] When Robin wakes up at the border of a strange country, she has no memory of her past. Taken in by the Prince of Ylisse, she become...
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Fire Emblem Oneshots (Requests open) by Scarliscar
Fire Emblem Oneshots (Requests Scarliscar
Hello! I like fluffy content so I decided to write a book full of home made fluffy Oneshots. Some are more fluffy then others (platonic is also welcome :D), but if you...
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Fire Emblem Awakening: August Prompts by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem Awakening: August AnnaBanana813
1st: Red 4th: Window 7th: First Date 10th: Comfort 13th: Water 16th: Love 19th: Swimming 22nd: Read 24th: Music 26th: Green 28th: Flight 30th: Journal 31st: Fishing I do...
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Fire Emblem Fates X reader by Kittywriteshorror
Fire Emblem Fates X readerby Kittywriteshorror
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Fire Emblem Awakening: Parallel World: Side Stories by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem Awakening: Parallel AnnaBanana813
A bunch of one shots based off of my fanfiction, Fire Emblem Awakening: Parallel World. A modern AU fic!
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Fire Emblem Memes by CorrinFeralDragon
Fire Emblem Memesby Princess Corrin
a book that will contain fire emblem memes and make you laugh
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I'm frozen, but I melt under your touch. (Gray x reader) by Thatrandomderp
I'm frozen, but I melt under Mika, The derp
**SPOILERS FOR FE AWAKENING AND FAIRY TAIL** "It can't be.. After all this time.. Y/n?" You gave him a smile. "I'm back... Gray." You are the younger...
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The Second Princess by i_am_a_fangirl_89
The Second Princessby annie
There are millions of Outrealms. Some based on the choices we make, the different paths we take, others just mere versions of different worlds and different people. In o...
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Fire Emblem Oneshots by rroselia
Fire Emblem Oneshotsby natalie
Fire Emblem oneshots from all Fire Emblem games. Requests will not be accepted unless you are a friend or mutual. [ Disclaimer: Fire Emblem belongs to Nintendo and Intel...
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