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Fire Boy and Water Girl by silverliniing
Fire Boy and Water Girlby ҡƿȏƿ ıṡ ʟıғє
5 years ago the Fire Nation won the war, and has taken over all of the lands. The Earth kingdom surrendered, and are now treated as equals, but the Water tribes, who con...
Fireboy X Watergirl: In The Forest Temple by HeadInDaGame
Fireboy X Watergirl: In The Amy Silva
Two teenagers, one of fire and one of water, both trapped in a giant temple. Love eventually blossoms, but there's a problem: Water cant touch fire and fire can't touch...
The Legend of FireBoy and WaterGirl by lexie-loves-utube
The Legend of FireBoy and WaterGirlby Alexus
It's the year 20Xx. Much before kings and queens ruled their kingdomes, but at the time elements were a myth to the normal people. Now, as someone may be asking, an elem...
Fireboy and Watergirl Short Stories, but they were written by a bot by PyroHydromancer
Fireboy and Watergirl Short ThatGuyintheAmino
So, I decided to use this website that turns a finished sentence or fragment into a potentially useful script, so I tried it out. Also, every first sentence that is bold...
Fireboy And Watergirl (DISCONTINUED) by LittleLuna960
Fireboy And Watergirl ( LittleLuna960
Long ago, the gemstones were used for power, but when we realised that we needed them, four villainous temple owners kept their gems of origin for themselves. Fireboy an...
Fireboy X Watergirl by Shaminex
Fireboy X Watergirlby Shamine
2 charactes in a gmae... thay'll never tocuh. But they still love each othef. How will theey be abled to get together, when begin gontorlledb y a playgres in a gmae...F
Destiny - A Fireboy and Watergirl Fic by x_Quack_x
Destiny - A Fireboy and 𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐜𝐤
Fireboy is sad because his ex boyfriend Iceboy dumped him can Watergurl heal his heart
Bakugou X Todoroki by wankles
Bakugou X Todorokiby Natasha Lynn
Bakugou and Todoroki are rivals when it comes to becoming heroes. But they have a secret. When they are alone in the dorms of UA, things get heated...
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Fireboy x watergirl by klance1111
Fireboy x watergirlby klance1111
join fire boi and water gorl on there hot smexy forbidden love higth skool adventure.
Our Scene is Smoke and Flowers by RavenShadowHall
Our Scene is Smoke and Flowersby RavenShadowSika
The Girl in the Waves The Boy in the Flames If this gets enough watchers, I'll make a whole story line on them though I plan on making more stories here.
La fête des héros  by periange
La fête des héros by periange
Snowgirl et fireboy fêtent leurs anniversaires du jour de leurs premières rencontres mais elas la libellule cherche à volé leurs bijoux magiques. Cette. Histoire parlera...
Ask and Dare Me (Leo Valdez) by half-blood101
Ask and Dare Me (Leo Valdez)by The Director
Hey, Leo here. You might know me from the Heroes of Olympus series. Anyway, half-blood101 has let me use his computer and make my own ASK AND DARE ME! Yay! I feel so spe...
The Wild Years by codeblackteamalpha
The Wild Yearsby codeblackteamalpha
How I ended up with a pistol aimed towards my head is an outstanding question. An outstanding question I can't specifically clarify. Why? - - - Update schedule undecided...
Elemental by SaltyBean220
Elementalby SaltyBean220
Some kids in a small town in Oregon have begun to develop some...peculiar abilities. These people are call them selves, "the elementals ". They choose to live...
WaterGirl & FireBoy by Naki15
WaterGirl & FireBoyby Naki15
Obviously the idea came from the famous game Fireboy and WaterGirl. Yes its a Love Story. but with a twist.
Fire and Water by RangerStark
Fire and Waterby Ranger Madelyn Stark
The hot guy in class has always been Jake. And the way he looks at Lauren some times can only give you a clue of how their relationship could be. But Lauren its too shy...
Sadie Kane and Leo Valdez Crossover by May_Katz
Sadie Kane and Leo Valdez Crossoverby May Katz
2 crazy fans, 2 characters, few adventures. Hope y'all enjoy it. Pictures, Characters etc aren't ours. Just a fan fiction of Leo and Sadie
WaterBoy and FireBoy by FourCuties
WaterBoy and FireBoyby FourCuties
A prince from the fire kingdom needs training in order to be illegible to become the next king.So all five kingdoms decide to train their next king or queen to be. Three...