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Waiting For You - Fiolee by ashleyLeanneTW
Waiting For You - Fioleeby ashleyLeanneTW
Fionna and cakes adventures have slowly came to an end it seems, Cakes is usually busy with lord M now and as much as the sisters love each other.. Fionna has almost bec...
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The Twins (S)mutt ~COMPLETED~ by YourSecreetAuthor
The Twins (S)mutt ~COMPLETED~by YourSecreetAuthor
(COVER IS DONE BY MY FRIEND WHOM HAS WATTPAD, LEMME FIND HIS USER-It's Sociopath_x so follow him :p) Hey my name is Georgia I'm the alpha of the Gizma pack, we are by fa...
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Fiolee: Candy High School by Samiham97
Fiolee: Candy High Schoolby ~Sami~
This is the story of how Fionna a senior in high school meets Marshall Lee also a senior and how they accidentally fall for each other.
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Addicted | Fiolee by gonecherrypie
Addicted | Fioleeby tori
AAA high school. Fiona can take fine care of herself but Marshall Lee is making that harder, does she like him? No way...Maybe? She doesn't even know he is so easy to be...
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Fiolee : Sleeping Beauty by Frozenbeenie
Fiolee : Sleeping Beautyby Frozenbeenie
The vampire king had been stuck in the nighto'sphere for the pass 100 years. Became bored doing nothing. His mother decided to bring him a servant, a girl with blond hai...
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My bad little boy (fiolee) by BriSavage
My bad little boy (fiolee)by Bri Savage
Marshall lee and Fionna have been friends forever. He's her best bud but what will happen when she starts to develop feelings for the vampire king. and the shocking turn...
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Candied Apples by snowkind
Candied Applesby May
Prince Gumball's Biennial Gumball Ball is coming around the corner and the Prince has invited Fionna to be his special... chef? When Gumball asks Fionna to bring some sw...
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The Choices I Have To Make by NeverForgetToday
The Choices I Have To Makeby NeverForgetToday
[Complete] FanFiction of Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. This story is about Fionna the human and Marshall Lee the Vampire King with a few other people. Fionna and Mars...
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Everything's gonna work out just fine by Iwroteabook
Everything's gonna work out just Shookspeare
Emotions are strange, and growing up doesn't just include that change in one's self, but-much to a certain hero's dismay-change in others as well.
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Innocence- a Fiolee Fanfiction (Editing) by AmberCat11
Innocence- a Fiolee Fanfiction ( AmberCat11
ORIGINAL COVER by Mbrittany.- Fionna The Human is incredibly busy lately. To try and manage everything that's going on, she finds herself often getting help from her fri...
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Candied Royalty by jackaboiseptiplier
Candied Royaltyby Septiplier Trash
Prince Gumball x Reader. No more to be said. I maaay have a tiny weeny huge crush on Prince Gumball. Ok, make that a ginormous crush. He's so cute!
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Adventure Time with Fionna and Marshall (Fiolee) by MiraculouslyTrashy
Adventure Time with Fionna and Eliza Ann
When Gumball's new experiment goes awry, it leads Fionna and Marshall on an unexpected journey together, forever entangling their futures . Potions, broken hearts and jo...
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Your Secret Admirer (A FioLee Story) by Valree
Your Secret Admirer (A FioLee Valree
Marshall knows how much Fionna hates this lovey-dovey stuff. Even though she blushes on intimate situations, she hates it. Or does she? How will Marshall Lee make Fionna...
Fiolee : I'm different.. by Frozenbeenie
Fiolee : I'm Frozenbeenie
Fionna is a ordinary human... Or is she? Her special gifts had made her missions and adventures pretty interesting. Want to know about Marshall, flame prince AND Gumball...
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Returning to the Night O'Sphere (Fiona + Marshall Lee Fanfic) (Adventure Time) by XxN1c0l3xX
Returning to the Night O'Sphere ( Nicole
THIS STORY IS UNEDITED. WILL BE UPDATED IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Marshall Lee The Vampire King must return to the NightO...
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Since When Was Loving A Crime? (A Modern Fiolee Fanfiction) by kakophony
Since When Was Loving A Crime? ( kakophony
Really, since when was loving a crime? Oh yeah, when you're in love with a criminal.
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You again by empanadas123
You againby Jenni
Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves. (btw, the co...
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The Father Of My Baby Is A Billionary  by LovelyMosenos
The Father Of My Baby Is A ylevolsonesom
ano kaya mang yayare sa buhay ni Alexandra pag nabuntis siya nang isang billionario
Adventure Time with Fionna and Gumball? (FioLee) by louhistory
Adventure Time with Fionna and louhistory
"Just marry me." Gumball says, his eyes and voice pleading for a yes. Pleading for me to agree. But how can I agree to a request like this? I don't want to mar...
(Not Completed But I Made New One)🐰Fionna And Marshell🦇 // Mature Content 15+ by aphmauxaaronx
(Not Completed But I Made New One) aphmauxaaronx
(The beginning is bad with grammar cause It was bad then, I just started again 4/30/19 and I will continue) 🍋Fionna is in love with a little vampire boy, and and he mi...
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