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JACK AND FINN | IMAGINES by whereslyss
Imagines about Jack &' Finn Harries.
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  • finnegan
  • finnharries
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My Spontaneous Stories. by Bek_Bek
My Spontaneous Bek
This is just a collection of my random short stories and poems that come out of nowhere.
  • mlemle
  • kewie
  • poem
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thinkin' 'bout you. by SoyFinneganGrier
thinkin' 'bout finn.
i can't stop thinking 'bout you, i can't get high, i can't get by, i can't get through.
  • finnegan
  • grier
Heathens⚬Dean Thomas [Muggle AU] by mixedmuffin
Heathens⚬Dean Thomas [Muggle AU]by Read Description.
" You never know the M U R D E R E R sitting next to you. " Everyone has their way of making money. Some were doctors. Some were lawyers. Aoife Cain was a Hit...
  • muggle
  • finnegan
  • harrypotter
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The Dragons of Rhelawen by wintree
The Dragons of Rhelawenby Rae
Cordelia is a high-spirited princess with one goal: not to be like her five sisters, "good-for-nothing, prissy and spoiled children," as she puts it. In a time...
  • dragons
  • finnegan
  • yureadingtags
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Let's Get Lost by JackGilinskyLove
Let's Get Lostby JackGilinskyLove
Sometimes you just need to get lost to find yourself. A Jack Gilinsky fanfic ft. Dolan twins
  • gilinsky
  • jack
  • geazy
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always • jack gilinsky •  by louisandharry28
always • jack gilinsky • by KM 💫
"i've never stop loving you jack"
  • magcon
  • sammy
  • sammywilkinson
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Blaze Westwood And The Love... Square? by Shay_Michelle_7
Blaze Westwood And The Love... Shay Michelle
Westwood Series - Blaze Westwood And The Love... Square? - Breeze Westwood And The Quidditch Captain, - Ember Westwood And The Lestrange Girl - Mira Westwood And The Nif...
  • finnegan
  • dean
  • thomas
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Adventures at Hogwarts by asduhn
Adventures at Hogwartsby asduhn
Abbie Has heard about Hogwarts all her life, is she ready to begin her adventure there? She will fight her way through the tormenting from Draco Malfoy and hopefully not...
  • seamus
  • finnegan
  • abbie
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The Wielders by MegWStories
The Wieldersby Meg W
Wielders like us were once admired and the mere humans respected us as we ruled what was left of the world. That was all until one fine day which our history books never...
  • teen
  • drama
  • fantasy
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Playful Collisions || Finn Harries [Short Story] by Liz_Vega
Playful Collisions || Finn Liz
  • finnharries
  • jackharries
  • finnegan
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Sweetest Sins // J. G. by thenovarose
Sweetest Sins // J. thenovarose
But there's no drug around, quite like I found in you.
  • fanfic
  • jack
  • fanfiction
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Change (Jack Gilinsky) by FinneganGilinsky
Change (Jack Gilinsky)by FinneganGilinsky
17 year old, Danniela Johnson, but for short, Danni Johnson, lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Her and her brother, Jack Johnson, told each other everything. She was, basically...
  • gilinsky
  • finnegan
  • bae
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The Cancer Diaries of an Awesome Person by Sock_Monkey_Dream
The Cancer Diaries of an Awesome M
Ever had one of those, "Crap. I'm gonna die!" moments? I, Emery Athelia, am living mine. What can be more cliche than a girl setting out to complete her bucket...
  • bremen
  • video
  • finnegan
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Aspen De'Beaux and the Secret Society by MoosionImpossible01
Aspen De'Beaux and the Secret Molly
  • weasley
  • nevillelongbottom
  • sirius
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Torn Between Twins (Jack and Finn Harries Fan Fiction) by perspicaciousD
Torn Between Twins (Jack and Lianne Gee
This is a Jack and Finn Harries fan fiction. I will update this everyday so please guys read this and send some requests okay? Tell me what you think okay?
  • jackharriesfanfiction
  • finnegan
  • twinharriesfanfiction
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hickeys | j.g by neongilinsky
hickeys | j.gby neongilinsky
" what are those ? " " hickeys.. " " and who gave you them? " " jack gilinsky "
  • gilinsky
  • jackgilinsky
  • jackandjack
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Stay by katkatmeow12
Stayby katkatmeow12
  • johanna
  • cartwel
  • odair
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Pity Party JACKxJACK by thoseapplejacks
Pity Party JACKxJACKby Cry Baby :'(
Did my invitations disappear, Why'd I put my heart on every cursive letter, Tell me why the hell no one is here, Tell me what to do to make it all better.
  • jacks
  • edward
  • gilinsky
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