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Countryhumans || oneshots by neptuneie
Countryhumans || oneshotsby Soominie
This will include some heavy subjects because I can't stick to write about happy things
CountryHumans Oneshots || ᥴꪮꪑρꪶꫀ𝓽ꫀᦔ by Vivirmivida11
CountryHumans Oneshots || ᥴꪮꪑρꪶꫀ𝓽 - Nishi -
I love reading Oneshots in general, so I figured, 'why shouldn't I make some of my own?' And that's exactly what I did. This is literally just a bunch of Countryhumans...
American truth by Nightshade962
American truthby Nightshade962
The nations are starting to see a new sides of America and Canada and they're going to meet some people that they are connected to and learn more about their pasts the t...
Ek Eleska Ykkr by RandomIntrovert6
Ek Eleska Ykkrby Random Introvert
Canada and America have gone by many human names as well as nation names. Matthew, Alfred; Kanata, Maska. New France, Colonies. But, they had names far before those. One...
A mistake [A Countryhumans Chat-fic] by UserExeNotFound
A mistake [A Countryhumans like it matters
In which: America adds the countrys into a group chat. Shenanigans ensue. -------------------------------------------------------- !Warnings! for; - Mentions of histori...
Memes/Art by The_Real_USA
Memes/Artby Ame
Either memes I "purposely" find on the internet or my terrible drawings
Countryhumans one shots !!! by WasTakenByWasTaken
Countryhumans one shots !!!by I RECOVERED MY ACC
short stories containing Countryhumans!!! hope u enjoy! #1 in Guatemala 5/17/22 💀
[7 Colors][ Being rewritten] by ohschnizelitsarat
[7 Colors][ Being rewritten]by hush now gregory I am search...
["Somethings not right. Whats happening with my eyes! I don't wan to hurt anyone else! Make it stop!"] Read if ya want i'm not stopping you but be warned- it's...
COUNTRIES? [Countryhumans x Reader Fanfic] by Cheezpie_Apple
COUNTRIES? [Countryhumans x Teayeiel
{COMPLETED} [There are bad words in this story but they are halfly censored. Mentions of N@zi ,USSR, Japanese Empire and Fascist Italy.] -This is so old please spare me...
Kimi Raikkonen: insta. by DragonracerF1
Kimi Raikkonen: Lestappen ♥️
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The Secrets of a Nation  by ladyluckassassin
The Secrets of a Nation by ladyluckassassin
It was a normal nation meeting. They held one annually at least 3 times a year. However, this meeting ended up turning the world on their heads. Their parents, the ancie...
Still I Can Feel You - Joel Hokka  by Alive_or_onlyburning
Still I Can Feel You - Joel Hokka by Alive_or_onlyburning
Back In time he used to be happy. Joel Hokka is one of the two singers of Blind Channel. Everyone knows that he doesn't like to talk about his life and is a really pes...
CountryHumans Incorrect Quotes by DaughterOfApollo2019
CountryHumans Incorrect Quotesby call me fedora
yeah uhm.... enjoy some skits, as me and my friends call them. I don't even know what characters are gonna be in here so.... hope it's good! all drawings/pictures aren't...
After Her Love by IamLizziet
After Her Loveby Liz
It was always too good to be true and Aleksi had to learn it the hard way. As much as she loved Aleksi, the two of them could never be happy because she belonged to some...
blondie | valtteri bottas by madridisimo
blondie | valtteri bottasby pomme de terre ™
'will you still love me when i'm old and grey?' 'anything for my favourite blond' cover: émeraude toubia, canva
Mythology!Hetalia x Reader by KageNoYurei
Mythology!Hetalia x Readerby Kage No Yurei
Hetalia characters are able to transform into mythical creatures. You find out about them, some decide to keep showing up around you, or you decide to keep showing up ar...
World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience ( Osa Lotte
•#1 in 'hetalia' 8/16/18• "This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that...
I Pity You (Esti x Fin) by Lyudmylawritesstuff
I Pity You (Esti x Fin)by Людмила
cover not mine! Estonia x Finland (Mention of other ships) NOT SPELL CHECKED (since I'm dyslexic and I also speak Polish and Ukrainian, some things will not make sense a...
hetalia father/mother-daughter scenarios by --ErzaScarlet--
hetalia father/mother-daughter Erza Scarlet
Heres some father/mother-daughter scenarios with the great people of HETALIAAAAAAA. Some characters im doing right now: -Belarus -Canada -France -Denmark -Romano I will...
Scars by bismuthisbestgoat
Scarsby bismuthisbestgoat
Scars don't go away. There's always a trace. Whether that applies to WWII, or the pain of betrayal. Six years. Two sides. Two nations, their stories intertwined. Let's s...