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One Night Stand with A Billionaire  by IwannabGlorious
One Night Stand with A Billionaire by FutureAirwoman
"You need to live a little Jessie" My best friend said as she searched through our closet for an outfit to wear for our Girls Night Out trip, that I was desper...
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Confidential Code by thatoneecho
Confidential Codeby kate
Athena a once normal human was experimented on by Phoenix, a scientist eager to get out of his famous mom's shadow and create a name for himself. However, he created som...
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The Truths of Tomorrow by StoryWritersNeverLie
The Truths of Tomorrowby ѕιєяяα
A year after losing her Father and becoming engaged, Ainsley sets her sights on changing her city and the laws that keep her chained. With a broken heart from an up-comi...
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Why Me?✔ by whisperer10
Why Me?✔by ɐılɐɥsɐ
What happens when hunters fall in love with the very thing they were after in the first place? Meet Ashton Cree. A sixteen year old girl with no friends to share her man...
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The First Lie by InGeenious
The First Lieby Gee
[HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] "The pack comes first." That was always something that nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier and her two older siblings have been tau...
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31 Days by dystopial
31 Daysby Kip
It's been one month since Kalter Varela woke up from a night of blackout drinking to find herself framed for arson. She's not in a holding cell; she's locked in a colleg...
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The Tale Teller by Meghan_Mars
The Tale Tellerby Meghan Mars
For Vaun, roaming the land, spreading stories of wonder and mystery, is the highest form of freedom one could have. When a foreign power invades with a strict regime, n...
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Meet In The City by Vintaginity
Meet In The Cityby Brittani
He's been gone... She has been doing every all by herself. But now he is back.
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Delaying The Demons by StoryWritersNeverLie
Delaying The Demonsby ѕιєяяα
"Hiding in the shadows were monsters that needed to be killed." Freya soon learns the secrets that laid hidden deep in her family history. From her mother bein...
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Twice Bitten | Re-writing by StoryWritersNeverLie
Twice Bitten | Re-writingby ѕιєяяα
Amber Littlestone, human by day and wolf by night. She doesn't like packs, the rules that she has to follow in them, or how the Alpha looks down on everyone. Always movi...
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#FinishYourNovel [Monthly] by expirations
#FinishYourNovel [Monthly]by ↠ 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞
finish your novel (ongoing or not) within the next 31 days. run by @nonfictionism- Club Link:
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Sonic the Hedgehog Choas Wars by cawinbush00
Sonic the Hedgehog Choas Warsby cawinbush00
This is a sequal to Sonic the hedgehog 1 2019.This film will focus on Sonic the hedgehog and friends looking for the super chaos emeralds to use against Dr Finitivus wit...
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sonic the hedgehog Movie 2019 by cawinbush00
sonic the hedgehog Movie 2019by cawinbush00
This is a sonic the hedgehog movie.Its a reboot of the sonic series.It will tell the characters backstory of sonic,tail,knuckles,eggman,Dr Finitivus,and sally acorn and...
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ZomPon by StoryWritersNeverLie
ZomPonby ѕιєяяα
Draft 1 - Editing || Fantasy || Cover by me In a world where magic was real and wars happened, a group who called themselves ZomPon emerged. It was this group of five ad...
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Blissful by LostNeverland4
Blissfulby Monica Shantel
"Life is blissful, as long as you don't dwell on its misadventures." Mia just moved back home after being gone for seven years. Her old best friend, Dylan, did...
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