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Fragile | ✓ by galaxy_away
Fragile | ✓by sahila s.
[Completed Wattpad Novel] Fifteen year-old Jessica Jane Willens feels no stinging pain in her heart, no prickling tears in her eyes, just empty and as stiff as a stick...
Wolf Runner by Rose267
Wolf Runnerby Rose
Ria has lived in Rivendell all her life but she's not an elf. When she was just 2 months old she was found in the river just 3 days after the distruction of kaden, her h...
Thy Gay Prince by Sillywriter4
Thy Gay Princeby • | Šįłłÿwrītėr4 | •
"I'm not gonna let your father tell me what I can and cannot do." He sits up. I wasn't sure Noah getting up was a good idea. So I move to go stop him but he gr...
Date A Live: The Spirit by som3crazyp3rson
Date A Live: The Spiritby Mysterious Otaku
A spirit who can control water has now appeared in Japan. Will Shido be able to seal away this spirit? Is it possible that Shido will die? Just what is the new spirit's...
New Girl-New Realization by thickhairdontcare
New Girl-New Realizationby K.T
What happens when the schools most popular Girl struggles with her sexuality? What will people think? What will she do- will she stay closeted or come out? More importan...
love is love by Slytherpuffdemigod
love is loveby Emberly fangirl
Tessa is going through a lot with bullies, Anxiety, and over all the whole middle school drama. Her biggest worry how ever is her sexualality. She is nerves that when s...
Seek refuge by qveen06
Seek refugeby qveen06
She liked him since freshman year. He's popular. She smart and shy. She has 1 best friends. He has many friends. give my book a try not trying to sound desperate or a...
Radical Lives by theoreotheory
Radical Livesby theoreotheory
Peter's a normal 28 year old trying to figure out what his purpose is on this wonderful planet known as Earth. When he meets a 15 year old, Ricky, one day at the job he...
From Dusk To Dawn by Xara_Cigno_13
From Dusk To Dawnby Xara_Cigno_13
You'd think an angel would know better than to fall for a vampire right ? Well I'm not exactly your typical angel I love the dark and all things in it. From Dusk to Dawn...
Life can only go down from here by S9033724
Life can only go down from hereby Zoe ghost senpai Chan
A young intelligent beautiful girl was given the chance to go into Harvard or her dream school. She decided to take this test to see if she'd like her dream school over...
the beautiful storm  by charvaye_12
the beautiful storm by charvaye
Just read it please....its good
Poems by Me by OrionTheOreo
Poems by Meby OrionTheOreo
I write poems sometimes, and a lot of people seemed to like em, so why not put them on here? Won't post every so often, you've been warned. Some have swearing. (image my...
Words of the Wild by idiosyncratic_1577
Words of the Wildby idiosyncratic_1577
This book is a collections of all things that come to mind. Lyrics, poems, quotes, and other random things. I write everything in this book. These are all pieces that I...
River Street Kids by sailing_ships
River Street Kidsby Aubrey
Summer. Oh God. Summer. Wasn't it amazing. The adventures we had! It seemed like it would never end didn't it? But it did. We all found a way to block out what was beh...
Remembering by mattmirzac
Rememberingby Matthew Mirza
Becka needs to remember, everything
The Werewolf and Me by girlyeyes11
The Werewolf and Meby girlyeyes11
A feisty girl falls in love with the leader of a werewolf pack. Little does she know that there are secrets about him and herself that have yet to be uncovered. This...
Accidental Platonic Boyfriend by Thisisgarnet23
Accidental Platonic Boyfriendby Shelby Lynn
our main character Ryland struggles with work and finding a partner that really suites him , but his whole live changes within the blink of an eye. An accident occurs an...
Finding My True Love by modest_beauty12
Finding My True Loveby Aminata Gadji
Sarah thought that she could get him, but he was different. Different from the boys in New York, different from all the boys she met, and she liked that. Sarah is a 17 y...
Why Can't I Just Be Normal?!?! by KaylaMullen7
Why Can't I Just Be Normal?!?!by Kayla Mullen
A girl who seems to have everything she wants. But she has a dark dark secret. What happens when that secret gets out?