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Final Fantasy IV: Gikeiki by Yukino122
Final Fantasy IV: Gikeikiby
After being betrayed by his brother, seeing there was no other way for him he accepted his death. But when he wakes up he finds himself in a whole new world. The new jou...
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  • fantasy
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Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPride by kourtnienet
Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPrideby Kourtnie McKenzie
Growing pains just leveled up, thanks to a sylph casting a spell on this summoner-girl's internal clock. Bisexual and asexual female leads. Complete FFIV fanfiction nove...
  • finalfantasyiv
  • rydia
  • ff4
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Coming of the Darkstar by Aywren
Coming of the Darkstarby Aywren
*UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY* Five years after the Crystal Wars, the Ex-Dark Lord, Golbez, comes back to the Blue Planet, a place he swore he'd never return. What he finds...
  • finalfantasy
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes absolutely insane and eats his foot by lotad916
Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes lotad916
Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes absolutely insane and eats his foot
  • octomammoth
  • lmao
  • finalfantasyiv
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A Bard's Tale by Moonlit_Lilly
A Bard's Taleby Lily
In an ancient world, there has been peace for generations. But as of late, monsters have been on the rise, and evil has crept into the hearts of more and more men. This...
  • edward
  • magic
  • music
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Heroes Born of Monsters by Chained-And-Young
Heroes Born of Monstersby Chained-And-Young
They never knew their fathers and from what their mother's had told of them; they really didn't want to. They were happy and content with what they all had, being who th...
  • sephiroth
  • caster
  • finalfantasyxii
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