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Lucifer's Angel   by Ivory_Somerhalder
Lucifer's Angel by Ivory_Somerhalder
Snow Parker acted like a grown up women when she was just twenty two years old. Her age desired her to go out and party and have fun or what not but she was stuck at hom...
  • guns
  • siblings
  • sexy
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New Beginnings by auntkambam
New Beginningsby auntkambam
After Anna's town is attacked and destroyed she makes it out as the only survivor. Saved by a man that she doesn't know Anna is forced into an arranged marriage and then...
  • betrothed
  • battles
  • arranged
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Get Your Spy On by MNarissa
Get Your Spy Onby MNarissa
Four teens, Sloane Adams, Wendy Pierce, Eric Tanner, and Alex Dover are spies to be. They will be a squad, a group, a family. As they fight, they will see what it real...
  • agents
  • knife
  • wattpadprize14
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Boxing workouts- amateur to pro by Rob_Thynne
Boxing workouts- amateur to proby Rob_Thynne
A lot of people are either into working out in a boxing gym or in a free weights gym. This guide aims to use the two to create workouts which will help boxers who are in...
  • fitness
  • gym
  • figting
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fangs and claws of gabriel by real_kakashi
fangs and claws of gabrielby gabriel
gabe is currently searching for some woman that saved him from his self from being alone in this world but everytime that they find the woman she run's away from then wi...
  • vampires
  • fighting
  • love
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lately by itsbilliebishduh
latelyby billieeilish
just read
  • figting
  • hoop
  • betrayal
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Our Souls Can Relate ~Soul Eater Fan-Fiction~ Chapter: 1 by AnimeLover_12390
Our Souls Can Relate ~Soul Eater /.\./.\./.\MirrowWave\./.\...
~~~~~~You Wake Up In A city You have Never heard Before and you wake up to see a girl with blond hair and blue eyes looking at you!.....Your crush Is a Boy...
  • soul
  • eater
  • figting
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Maelstrom by TheOneRin6
Maelstromby TheOneRin6
This is the future, a renovation of things of this time, and war, intergalactic war. In one dimension of a future timeline, a group of special ops go to view the showcas...
  • maelstrom
  • fantasy
  • space
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Not The Nerdy Lil Girl Anymore by YourMomsCupcakes
Not The Nerdy Lil Girl Anymoreby Mandy Pandee
Annalisa was the typical nerdy girl, she kept to herself and didnt really talk to anyone. The only reason why she was so noticed is because she was best friends with the...
  • ben
  • planes
  • sleep
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The Fallen  (COMING SOON) by xXx2FoxyxXx
The Fallen (COMING SOON)by xXx2FoxyxXx
Description under construction
  • secrets
  • war
  • romance
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The Barbarian by The_keeper_9000
The Barbarianby The_keeper_9000
Follow Gustov the barbarian as he embarks on an amazing journey and as he shows you what life as a barbarian can really be. Fighting in wars, Balancing a relation ship a...
  • healers
  • archers
  • judges
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The Heart Always Knows Where Home Is (Sequel To TBDOL) by Dance2012
The Heart Always Knows Where Nicole
Now that Asiah is with Elijah how will her life change now that she's someone mom and what happens with Elijah's baby mama, Cassidy comes into the picture? Will she brea...
  • jail
  • custody
  • guns
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Someday We Will by allsmilesreneexo
Someday We Willby allsmilesreneexo
5 girls, 5 different personalities but they all want they all want one thing. LOVE and they'll do what ever it takes to have it for eternity. Marriage , kids , supportin...
  • exs
  • roses
  • instagram
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Fighter Girl by XxDontMicrowavexX
Fighter Girlby XcMadAsAHatterxX
Kyle has had it hard. And when I say hard, I don't mean 'my mom didn't get me a new iPhone when I dropped it' I mean she had an abusive father and a alcoholic as a moth...
  • run
  • fight
  • father
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Life is like a song by SamuelMulley
Life is like a songby Rossom4Life12
This is a book made up of course but i hope u like it
  • death
  • figting
  • yotubers
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The Fighter by NickNackNiko
The Fighterby NickNackNiko
Picture a human, stripped of an established society, without the common sense of justice, of right and wrong, one without a moral code. One that follows no rules - save...
  • wild
  • feral
  • killer
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Jekyll and Hyde by Cupcakemadness22
Jekyll and Hydeby Scorpio
  • jealousy
  • mystery
  • love
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The Games by ronnietimothy
The Gamesby ronnietimothy
A Deadly Game is Made to Know the Strongest of all wizards, Swordsmasters, Archers and etc...and Scarlet is joining the game to win and use the prize (a 100.000 gold and...
  • romance
  • action
  • sciencefiction
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Slave To The Queen (ON HOLD) by isabellasnow
Slave To The Queen (ON HOLD)by Isabella Snow Rose
I'm a slave or that's what I thought when I was brought by the head guard of the vampire world. I was a slave that was meant to help with preparations for the eclipse, t...
  • figting
  • love
  • queen