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~A Little Bit of Bad with A Little Bit of Good.~ by TransformersFanHelp
~A Little Bit of Bad with A Smutlord
Tfa Optimus Prime x reader Being a decepticon seeker wasn't easy, it made it even harder when you crash landed on a thrashy planet filled to the brim with organics with...
Willry/Helliam Unoshots (Oneshots) by INNACTIVE_ACCOUNT57
Willry/Helliam Unoshots (Oneshots)by INACTIVE
This is for the Willry/Helliam fans............................................. that are thirsty af.
✦Keeper Shenanigans  by fruitynever
✦Keeper Shenanigans by lunation
but make it gay + an acquired taste of humor "KotLC on Crack"'s hotter older sibling
bottom harrie by ARlBABES
bottom harrieby ‎
𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭 in which i rant about why harry edward styles is a bottom !! ♡︎ [ 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲-𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐜 ]
Code 738: Revolution by NoticeMe_Senpai3533
Code 738: Revolutionby Pride Consumer
(This is the third book in the series, might I suggest you go read the other two first?) You are done running. You will fight. You will win
this chat is NEVER dead // bbs by CloseTheDamnDoor
this chat is NEVER dead // bbsby @ / kwannieluvr
owlman: this chat is NEVER DEAD owlman: DO ANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE LIVES??? potatoking: IS ALWAYS LIT THAS WHY SHUT UP EVAN WELDKAT: i never want to see david saying lit ev...
roast book by DaddysCeilingFan
roast bookby s y n n
i hate everyone
Percabeth Oneshots by nootfreakinnoot
Percabeth Oneshotsby NootNoot
This is a book of oneshots about the one and only..... Percabeth! Suggestions are always welcome! (aka please oh please give me requests) Please no hate, we should supp...
Monster Prom // One Shots & Preferences // *DISCONTINUED* by MadBanquetOfDarkness
Monster Prom // One Shots & CrYEETic
// REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW, WILL OPEN AGAIN SOON // what the title says. I take requests, but if you have any please type them in the first chapter. I accept any type of...
Twilight Princess On Crack by G0ddessSw0rdF1
Twilight Princess On Crackby G0ddessSw0rdF1
Umm... So, as y'all know, I recently purchased a Wii and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I've started playing it, and it's thrown my expectations out o...
Honest Opinions  by say_your_prayers
Honest Opinions by Bad Vibes Forever
:) coz I'm a bitch Caution: HOT TEA WAS SPILT .. Please keep in mind these are MY opinions and when I publish them I obviously don't know about future controversies. Ple...
FIGHT ME . BINWOO by snowiel
in which moon bin gets into fights and eunwoo cleans everything up -- woohoo: hello stranger spacebin: i will fight you with a spork
Arachnid by TheOfficialGodBitchs
Arachnidby TheOfficialGod
May died, Peter got sent to an orphanage, he got adopted, he met a masked man who he happened to fall in love with. He can't let his family know who he is. Will he be ab...
PATRIA by euphoriaonhigh
PATRIAby eliza
"i will forever stay loyal to my patria" *** Enjolras x OC fanfiction I've tried incorporate elements of the musical, film and book into this. If even one pers...
Mineta Protection Squad by Fairylover23
Mineta Protection Squadby Fairylover23
There's people out there who HATE Mineta with a living passion. But, there's always the people that like Mineta. We are those people.
How to Write an Essay: Tips and Tricks That Just Might Help you by A-Dustland-Fairytale
How to Write an Essay: Tips and A-Dustland-Fairytale
We've all been there. It's 3 am, and you have an essay due that day; an essay that you haven't even started. Just in case if you need it, here are some tips and tricks t...
Aurora Cycle One-Shots and Random Musical Interludes by RayneyDay97
Aurora Cycle One-Shots and Rayne de Stoy de Seel
This will be a combination of one-shot scenarios and scenes that are based on song lyrics. Writing anything at all has been inspired by such talented creators as @Celtic...