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New Adjustments to a Little World by battlecry7473
New Adjustments to a Little Worldby battlecry7473
AU. In a society where a personality test determines the role you play, there are dominants, submissives, caretakers, and littles. When Lauren gets her results back, she...
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Encounters (ageplay) by imm_a_mess
Encounters (ageplay)by nana✨
late night encounters are the best ones
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A Little Goes A Long Way by BowtieLauren
A Little Goes A Long Wayby Liv 🍷✨
Touring along with 5 girls with a secret between you and one of the band members doesn't always go so well.
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Damaged (Ageplay) (Completed)  by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Damaged (Ageplay) (Completed) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
"I think scars are like battle wounds - beautiful, in a way. They show what you've been through and how strong you are for coming out of it" -Demi Lovato Cover...
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I Promise by camrensdream
I Promiseby camrensdream
"I'll take care of you. I promise." • Camren ageplay.
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Summer Solstice (Oneshot) by onesiescabello
Summer Solstice (Oneshot)by ✨
Days at the pool are the best days. Converted from
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Torment (Ageplay) (complete) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Torment (Ageplay) (complete)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Camila Cabello is a 16 year old girl. Her home life isn't the greatest and she's constantly living in fear of when her next 'beating' will be. One night, after yet anoth...
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Fragile (Ageplay) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Fragile (Ageplay)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
In a world where age play is known and accepted. Lauren is an age play therapist. Camila is a famous singer. What happens when Lauren gets a call from the famous singer...
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Left Behind, but We'll Take Care of You by battlecry7473
Left Behind, but We'll Take Care battlecry7473
Lauren's biggest secret is revealed when she struggles with the aftermath of Camila leaving. (This story includes ageplay.) Started: February 16, 2017. Completed: May 12...
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Care For Her//Fifth Harmony Ageplay by brookeshernandez
Care For Her//Fifth Harmony Ageplayby a
at the age of 18, you are to take a test imposed by The Society to figure out your role. the results that you can receive are: dominate submissive caregiver little when...
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The Gang Leaders Baby (AgePlay) by BabyBubzGiu
The Gang Leaders Baby (AgePlay)by Adryanne
Dinah and Normani are the world's strongest gang leaders. After earning so much money (and killing so many people) they built their own empire! They have so much power...
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5H ageplay oneshots by lauren_cutie
5H ageplay oneshotsby ♡
5h ageplay one-shots💖🎀 Mostly fluff✨
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Shattered ~ Fifth Harmony Ageplay ~ by Mutilated_Mind
Shattered ~ Fifth Harmony Ageplay ~by Mutilated_Mind
Little Lauren..
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I told you I wasn't perfect (complete)  by Sweet_DispositionLJ
I told you I wasn't perfect ( Sweet_DispositionLJ
On one of Dinah's shifts at the hospital, she comes across a case that's rather unusual, but will that stop her from doing what she does best? helping people? This was o...
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Nuestra bebé (ABDL) by noestuasunto
Nuestra bebé (ABDL)by noestuasunto
Después de estar un año alejado de mi pasatiempo como escritor he vuelto con esta nueva historia, que tiene como protagonistas a Lucy Vives, Lauren Jauregui y Camila Cab...
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Who's Our Little Girl by BabyFifthHarmony
Who's Our Little Girlby BabyFifthHarmony
Fifth harmony ageplay
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Not Your Baby (Ageplay) by littlest_hearts
Not Your Baby (Ageplay)by #laurenbottoms
Camila thinks Ally and Dinah baby her too much. Lauren thinks they don't baby her enough. ~Dinally, little Lauren, and (eventually) little Camila.~
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Recovered (ageplay) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Recovered (ageplay)by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Sequel to broken
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Glass house  by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Glass house by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Fifth harmony just won X factor and are on their first tour with miss Demi Lovato. The pop sensation takes them under her wing, but her relationship undeniably changes w...
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Family (ageplay)  by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Family (ageplay) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Demi, Ally and Lauren take on a new family member.
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