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The Scarecrow  by XanaShadow
The Scarecrow by Xana Shadow
Devils are born from fear. Yet, where does "fear" itself come from? when did humans began feeling "afraid"? perhaps... they always did.
Fear is coming from the dark (league of legends x Rwby)  by Blackveil_Vaal_Hazak
Fear is coming from the dark ( Vaalhazak2
Long time ago, there were a old folks tales, whose told the stories throughout the centuries, and one of them was forbidden to say it, read it or look at it, those who s...
The Harvest (A Fiddlesticks Fanfiction (English)) by Joy_Re
The Harvest (A Fiddlesticks Joy
Something has awakened in Runeterra. Something ancient. Something horrible. The timeless horror known as Fiddlesticks lurks on the fringes of mortal society, drawn to pl...
Harvest Moon - League Of Legends Fan Story by skekilla
Harvest Moon - League Of Legends Skek
This is a short fan story of how Zoe got one of Fiddlesticks's keys. I love both of these characters and I have a lot more I could write about them. If I do, I'll probab...
Fiddlesticks by ZAmSaZuke
Fiddlesticksby Hi, i'm yours
the Harbinger Of Doom -Please vote -Hope you like it!
Fiddlesticks: A Gavin Becker Fanfic by sinclaire_13
Fiddlesticks: A Gavin Becker Fanficby sinclaire_13
I'm gonna be honest, I don't really have a plan for this story. Just read to find out what happens! Quick note: thanks Gavin for reading this! It means a lot!
Shadows from Below: Tales of Runeterra's Darkness by That_Rakdos_Idiot
Shadows from Below: Tales of Panam Palmer's Husband
Cover art by Ruy E. Carulli on ArtStation Runeterra is not a perfect world. Torn with strife, riddled with corruption, and slowly being devoured by forces from beyond. T...
Her Diary by baeizzy
Her Diaryby Isabelle Lindin
Noemi Richards had a hard enough past as it is, and for several years, her memories have been locked up in a diary that no one except her knows she has. With the therapy...
De pétalos rojos y plumas negras by Maxicaenoexpe
De pétalos rojos y plumas negrasby El Mundo
Había sucedido muchas veces antes, todas con el mismo resultado. Las hermanas asustadas, los monstruos oscuros y el tío que salvo a las hermanas de los monstruos. Pero e...
Renegade | Fiddlesticks by Candyespeon
Renegade | Fiddlesticksby Neige | Candy
The supernatural is a norm in your world, everywhere besides Demacia. It is a kingdom that shuns those that are beyond their realm of knowledge. They harbored so much ha...
The Protector - Area 52 series- Book 1- by Will97
The Protector - Area 52 series- Chelsea Williams
Raven long-Hurst always thought she was normal, beautiful, yes, but normal, she didn't suffer fools gladly, her heart was always full of love hope and faith. then she tu...
Faint Glow by NightBlossomAhri
Faint Glowby Ahri
Akira was a normal schoolgirl, who lived a normal life with her friends, until she became a Star Guardian. Now she must partake in fierce battles against evil monsters w...
Crow juice FIddlesticks x Ms Fortune by joseppre001
Crow juice FIddlesticks x Ms DarkKnight365
BEFORE REWORK. Fiddlesticks desires the youth and chooses ms fortune as his next victim. Zac bored and with the same desire watches from a distance. This high-key wack...
It's In the Fields - A League of Legends Story by FrogofWar
It's In the Fields - A League of Nate Gutierrez
This is a thriller short story created to celebrate both the Sentinels and Fiddlesticks in the world of League of Legends. Hope you enjoy. I don't own these characters...