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Tips for Writing Stories That People Actually Read by LyndaCoker
Tips for Writing Stories That Lynda Coker
Writing on Wattpad is the easiest and hardest place to start. Why? Because there are so many examples of bad writing that you can become accustomed to thinking that what...
FUNDAMENTALS OF CREATIVE WRITING by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard by CeciliaBrainard
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Fundamentals of Creative Writing is a marvelous textbook that combines useful technical advice on craft with beautiful practical examples in...
Creatures of Hell by Cloudies7
Creatures of Hellby Claudia S. Shepard
A girl was resurrected from the dead by an anonymous man who claims to be her guardian
How To Write A Book (And Do It Properly) by mackenzieseidel
How To Write A Book (And Do It Mackenzie Seidel
Do This. Do That. Jump around like a chicken and pray to Raptor Jesus until you have ideas that will cause the Lord to bless you with success. The problem with advice b...
Writing Prompts by howlmg
Writing Promptsby howlmg
A collection of my daily writing prompts
Q.P.E. - Quantum Personality Entanglement by KaraBaxter14
Q.P.E. - Quantum Personality KaraBaxter14
This story/series is generally about gender dysphoria and accepting being transgender. It is somewhat autobiographical in that I draw from my own experience, but still h...
Becoming Laurel by ElaineKuriger
Becoming Laurelby Singer455
Laurel is a young woman who has already been through a lot. Her story started with her dad's leaving the family, her mom's passing unexpectedly years later, and then her...
Before & After  by ashliannb
Before & After by Ashli
After love, no one is what they were before...
A Single Line by _natuhlee
A Single Lineby Natalie Rogers
A short story told over the span of one minute.
Writing in a Virtual World: A Collection of Interviews by CamieRembrandt
Writing in a Virtual World: A Camie
Several writers from different countries have discovered that Second Life - a 3D Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE) - could have a positive impact on their work. How...
Short Stories and Flash Fiction by AFreeloveBarrass
Short Stories and Flash Fictionby Ashley Freelove Barrass
A collection of short stories and flash fiction for English 3607: Fiction Writing, Spring 2021.
Tips + Tricks: Fiction Writing  by aliyssaa
Tips + Tricks: Fiction Writing by aliyssaa
Tips, inspiration, anything you want, to help you write beautiful stories.
My love, Sara by niityaaggarwal
My love, Saraby Nitya Aggarwal
'My love, Sara' is a romantic short fictional story with the surprising twists and turns in the love story of Avi and Sara. The journey of Avi from a loiterer to a since...
Handle With Care by blondesolo
Handle With Careby Laurie Rae
Andie Williams is pregnant with twin boys after many lost pregnancies. With as much hope as she can muster, she's grown her two boys to full term, but when her husband l...
#TKBMovieContest My High School Love Experience by Xx_KylieRenee_xX
#TKBMovieContest My High School Kylie Renee
Hi guys! This is a fiction high school love story. It's honestly kind of cheesy and cliche, but it's supposed to be I guess. Lol. This is for the #TKBMovieContest writin...