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Fractured by JennieCamacho
Fracturedby Jennie Camacho
When death claims a mate, it can have a devastating impact. Logan knows, all too well, the pain of that loss. After losing the love of his life and several pack members...
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The Study Partner (Very  Slow Updates) by kimberly1366
The Study Partner (Very Slow Angely Suerte
#91 on Teen Fiction 12/05/2016 ''Do not call me Sunshine!'' ''You don't like that nickname? Don't worry, I can think of other nicknames I could call you. Personally...
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Masters of Their Fates by jaeshanks
Masters of Their Fatesby Jae
{✨Book 3 excerpt} It's been nearly three cycles since the Canary landed, and now the base is beginning to wake others in cryo; strangers from a ruined Earth unused to ev...
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Memories by PurpleCielo1117
Memoriesby Kazue Tsubasa
❛ In which Johnathan is given a second chance to love and to lose her again. ❜ Ranked #393 in General Fiction 【I Survived The Most Brutal Review】 【Winner of The Brigade...
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Imaginary by jaeshanks
Imaginaryby Jae
Fourteen year-old Wetherby Shoals is a mostly ordinary teenager, save his imaginary friend, Sam, who goes to school, plays soccer and appears to be a regular guy. The sl...
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We Shadows by jaeshanks
We Shadowsby Jae
{✨book 6✨} (spoilers, of course) As the earthstorm ends, Lully and Esperanza head out to an expedition in search of resources. Meanwhile back on the base, Tyson settles...
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The Golden Finch by PhoenixFire0507
The Golden Finchby Bird
In a time of need some girls fight for themselves, some fight for others, and some don't fight at all. Iva Fay fights every day to protect the young girls who are kidna...
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Unparalleled by mack-collette
Unparalleledby M a c k ♪
[Prequel to Misalignment] A year before she and Cam meet, Matty Leopold has yet to realize most of the problems that will dominate her near future. She's still stuck in...
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anhedonia ✓ by handwrite
anhedonia ✓by ⓐⓤⓑⓡⓔⓨ
❝ there was something truly wrong with her heart being so constantly exposed to disapointment. she needed to relearn how to feel again-how to breathe without restraint...
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If Jove Stray by jaeshanks
If Jove Strayby Jae
{✨Book 5✨} Earth. Light years away, and yet now that some on the base were born there, it seems so...close. As communication with the mother planet seems more and more...
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Beautiful Oblivion by JennieCamacho
Beautiful Oblivionby Jennie Camacho
Everyone's heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you only have a few months to live it can be worth so much more. Noah Prescott wanted nothing more than to...
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Tomorrow and Tomorrow by jaeshanks
Tomorrow and Tomorrowby Jae
{✨Book 4✨} New Captain, new congress, and everyone is pretending that things are normal on the base once more. Cameron vowed that those responsible for Landing Day would...
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Toy Wolf by jaeshanks
Toy Wolfby Jae
{🐾Book 2🐾 } Captured for a murder he didn't commit, Conor is forced to adjust to a life of experiments, and to his odd cellmate, a bitter vampire named Stefa. As the...
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The War of The Magi : Book Two by Klpizzillo
The War of The Magi : Book Twoby K.L.Wincor
News of the heir spread fast through Itod, twisting and turning through the cities like a wild river. With the threat of the Magi that had sworn themselves to Dal and hi...
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Forgiving You by -blacknwhyte-
Forgiving Youby ambry
f o r g i v i n g y o u "All he wants is forgiveness, Hannah." "Could you forgive your brother's killer?" began →5.17.16 ← finished→m.d.yy←
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The War of The Magi : Book One by Klpizzillo
The War of The Magi : Book Oneby K.L.Wincor
Eighteen years have passed since the downfall of Itod. Magi roam the land terrorizing the people and setting horrors upon the world all in the name of Dal, ruler of dark...
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Good Enough by TheMatchmakerMandM
Good Enoughby arisha 💫
Natasha thought her life couldn't get any worse, but then a beautiful, smirking, bundle of dirty jokes walks in and turns her world upside down. But with mysterious murd...
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Departed by JennieCamacho
Departedby Jennie Camacho
Olivia Blackwell lived a blessed life. With her loving mate by her side, Olivia was finally about to realize her dream of becoming a mother. Sadly, though, her dream wou...
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sixteen and beating ✓ by handwrite
sixteen and beating ✓by ⓐⓤⓑⓡⓔⓨ
in which a fighter doesn't give up on living. three words. three lines. thirty more screams. [FreeYourBody & FreeYourShorts]
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My Jorinda | ✔ (#OnceUponNow) by mack-collette
My Jorinda | ✔ (#OnceUponNow)by M a c k ♪
In which a father and former husband tells his daughter a bedtime story about her late mother. #OnceUponNow Cover made by @barmpot © Makenna Collette (@mack-collette) 20...
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