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Blue Butterflies and the End of Loneliness  by holyishere
Blue Butterflies and the End of isobel
ძვირფასო მკითხველო, რახან ამ წიგნით დაინტერესდი, წაიკითხე ის, რადგან, მას შეუძლია ბევრი რამ გასწავლოს. წიგნი მოგვითხრობს, ერთ გოგონას ისტორიას, რომელსაც არასდროს და არაფ...
No Homo (but I'm not gay)👁👅👁 by Kanashi_Ramen
No Homo (but I'm not gay)👁👅👁by 18+Account
A big asshole and a lil bitch fuck (This was written by Jesus)
Fickle » one shots by zap1dx
Fickle » one shotsby Dani
✖ 'fick•le (ˈfɪk əl): likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable' or; a collection of fickle love (and short) stories, base...
Twenty Five Letters by Zanintia725
Twenty Five Lettersby Iris Ó Dubhghaill
So yeah, I've decided to copy Arintez and write some letters to people! Because twenty five is one of my favorite numbers there will be twenty five letters. The letters...
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Random Thoughts, Random Poems by awesomeEUGOCAT
Random Thoughts, Random Poemsby Kim Tacogue
This is a compilation of peoms and random entries that I made. They are free verse and some are inspired by Spoken Word Poetry, Classic Poetry, Fiction and Non Fiction L...
Small Strength {} Chapter 4 by Wo1fymoon
Small Strength {} Chapter 4by Melissa Vogel
As the strange man tells the guests about the story of Amphitrite, they're interrupted by the beautiful voices of three sirens. The boys get put into a trance as the gir...
III by Maya_Carneal
IIIby Maya Carneal
Short shifter story that popped up and was mostly written during the time I was supposed to work on my thesis... It was supposed to be a one shot but for now I separated...
Love's Inconstancy by sirfaraz
Love's Inconstancyby
Love's Inconstancy is a thought-provoking and emotional exploration of the fickleness of human relationships. The story delves into the complexities of love, commitment...
AN UNDIRECTED CASE by MeshnaPokharel
AN UNDIRECTED CASEby Meshna Pokharel
FROM ME : This was very spontaneous, and happened as I held my pen in hand and continued.
Translucent by CoralSoup
Translucentby Coral Soup
They say you'll fall in love if you stare into their eyes for 3 seconds, is that true? Lucient has clear eyes which reflects the eyes of whoever she sees, but she notice...
Oh Love by Music4God
Oh Loveby Music4God
An open letter to love, and the fickleness of a heart.
Eternity of Sojourner by EarthlingTris
Eternity of Sojournerby Tris
Sojourner 'Journey' Brown had only two things planned in life : 1. She had to fulfill her never ending bucket list before she died. 2. What her epitaph would read. Of wh...
the rain, the thunder, and the petrichor ✓ by embiased
the rain, the thunder, and the aubrey
earth-shaking, mind-boggling forces of nature
The story behind the mask❤ by SandhyaSandhya2
The story behind the mask❤by sandy
Discreibes all about my life plights to survive to the fullest which I dreamt about! ❤
Red  by Spell_Weaver
Red by anakhaarun
A fairy tail with a twist Once upon a time there was a dear little boy who was loved by every one who looked at him.